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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 57

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Chapter 57 He Is Jenny’s Ex-husband

“I don’t like people named Faust. What if I like people named Pearson? What does that have to do with
you?” Jenny was incensed now. What right did Alec have to interrogate her?

“Jenny Walter!” Alec gnashed his teeth.

Jenny looked up, staring him in the eye. She said clearly, “I don’t like people named Faust, especially
Alec Faust!”

At her words, Alec grabbed her chin. “Say that again!”

“I don’t like…” her words were muffled. Before she could say more, Alec’s lips stopped her. A scorching
heat passed between them, and her mind blanked out,

She glared at the man before her, forgetting to push him away for a moment.

The sharp sound of a slap resounded in the room. She came to her senses and slapped him across the
face. She was furious. “Alec Faust, you bastard!”

Alec held his cheek. His face soured. “You’re the first person to hit me.”

“So what?” If not for the law, she would have loved to kill him.

He gnashed his teeth and nodded. “Fine. Now I know that you can’t handle my anger.”

He turned and left.

Hearing him say that, Jenny was so mad she could have laughed. Did he think he was in the right,
kissing her like that?

She rubbed her lips, feeling like she couldn’t get rid of him. She walked into the bathroom and washed
her face with cold water. Only then did she feel better.

“I’ll just tell myself that I got bitten by a dog,” she comforted herself.

Alec went back home. Although Jenny’s slap had made him furious, he realized how inappropriate his
actions were when he began thinking clearly.

He wasn’t thinking when he did that. He just wanted to stop her lips from saying anything more.

He touched his lips. Some of Jenny’s warmth was still on it. He was in a daze, but the pain on his
cheek quickly brought him back to reality. His eyes dimmed, and the anger in his chest was about to

Just then, Paul called, and his anger was pushed down.

“What’s up?” he asked, his voice full of frost.

Paul was stunned for a moment and asked, “What’s up with you? Judging by your tone, you let Max

“Speak if you have news. Shut up if you don’t.” Alec was angry. He didn’t have the patience to joke
around with Paul.

“Don’t be so quick to dismiss me. What I’m about to tell you is sure to perk your interest.” He smiled
lightly. If Alec were near him, he would see his playful gaze.

Alec was quiet. Paul continued, “Do you know who concealed the information about Jenny’s ex-

“Would I have told you to investigate if I did?” Alec said grumpily.

“It’s the Fausts,” Paul said.

Alec thought he had misheard him.

“You would never have guessed it, Alec.” It was as if Paul had been struck by lightning when he found
out. But when he woke up from his daze, he understood what it implied.

Alec certainly would never have guessed. He was still in disbelief. A long time after, the ball of fire in his
chest dissipated and turned into a new emotion.

“You’re not joking?” he asked.

“Of course not.” Paul added, “Since you don’t know about this, you weren’t the one who did it. It was
probably your grandfather. But why would he conceal this information? I think you know the reason

than I do.”

Alec knew very well. If it really was his grandfather, it meant he had done it in Alec’s interest, not

His grandfather had only one grandson, and Alec just happened to be divorced. Jenny was a divorcee,
too. All the signs indicated one thing.

He was Jenny Walker’s ex-husband!

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