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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 What Good Are You?

Scared but composed, Vincent entered the CEO’s office with Alec.

“Any results on the whereabouts of my ex-wife?” Alec stared at Vincent and asked in a flat tone. For
Vincent, Alec’s calmness was much more terrifying. He wondered what had happened to his CEO. Alec
had rarely asked about his ex-wife in the past, but he started taking an interest in her after the divorce.

Vincent shook his head and stammered, “N-No.”

As expected, Alec’s brooding eyes darkened after hearing that. He asked, “What’s her name?”

“Jenny Walter,” Vincent answered and heard Alec take a deep breath, as if he was holding back.

“And you’ve never met her?” Alec pressed on.

Vincent shook his head again and explained, “She had never dropped by at work. And you had never
been to the Faust Mansion. It’s not surprising that I’ve never met her.”

When Jenny needed something, she would communicate with the butler, Warren, from the Old
Mansion. She had no reason to talk to Vincent at all.

Out of the blue, Alec grabbed a file and threw it at Vincent. “What good are you? You’re taking forever
to find her. You were unaware even when she was right in front of me!”

Vincent dared not dodge and was momentarily dazed after being hit. He was also taken aback by
Alec’s remark. “What do you mean when she was right in front of you?” He was confused.

*Jenny Walter and Dr. Walter. Sounds familiar? Does that ring a bell?” Alec was fuming and spitting
fire. A petrified Vincent struggled to hold himself together. “Dr. Walter… Could she be your ex-wife?”

Alec was silent, but the answer was clear. On the other side of the door, Faye, who was about to enter,
stopped in her tracks, shocked.

“How could it be? Jenny Walter is a countryside bumpkin, but Dr. Walter is a globally famous brain
surgeon and the last mentee of Mr. Birkett. They are two different people!” she gasped internally. Her
shock was understandable, for no sane person would make the connection between Jenny and Dr.
Walter. Alec glared at Vincent and shouted, “That’s what I wanted you to investigate! If you don’t get to
the bottom of it, you’re fired!”

“Yes!” Vincent nodded gravely, equally curious to clear up the mystery.

After he left, Alec texted Warren with a photo of Jenny in the hospital. Soon, he received a reply that
cleared all his doubts. “Mr. Faust, that is indeed Mrs. Faust’s photo,” Warren wrote.

That was the first time in many years that Alec felt emotional turmoil. He had no idea how to face her


Faye hid her shock and knocked on the door. She entered the office and asked, “Alec, what’s wrong?”
“All good. Why are you here?” He shook his head, deciding to keep Jenny’s matter a secret. Faye
walked up to him with teary eyes. “About my dad’s company-”

“Faye, your dad committed a crime and should be punished by the law. You ought to know better,” he
cut her off. He had no patience for her parents. Had it been a minor issue, he wouldn’t mind doing her a
favor so she could focus on her recovery. When he realized the issue was trickier than he had
imagined, he refused to get involved because it was not worth it.

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