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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 Walter, Not Walker

Alec continued, “Such a shame. Her plan is going
to fail miserably. What makes her think that I will listen to my grandfather?”

Jenny came back to her
senses. She was slightly taken aback. So, Alec thought Stephanie had gone to see Mr. Faust last night

She recalled how Warren always addressed her as “Miss Walter.”

It appeared that Alec must have misunderstood. It was Walter, not Walker. Unfortunately, he didn’t kno
w that. She found it kind of funny, but she couldn’t get herself to laugh after hearing what Alec had said.
Alec meant he wouldn’t let the Walker family off the hook.

“Is there no way to get around this? Mr. Faust, don’t you think that ending your collaboration with the W
alker family just because of this is a little too capricious?” She really couldn’t understand how Alec coul
d be so irrational.

“I always get my way. Do you have a problem with that, Dr. Walter?” He sneered, ignoring what Jenny h
ad just said. Seeing him like this, Jenny realized there was perhaps no room for discussion regarding th
is issue. Her expression instantly turned dark.

Noticing that she went quiet, Alec smirked. “What’s wrong? Aren’t you going
to help your friend say something?”

“Since you’ve already made up your mind, I don’t think anything I say will help anyways. If that’s the ca
se, what else is there to say?” She took a glance at Alec, returning to her cold self.

Alec was upset that she returned to her usual cold self. He looked at her as he asked, “Have you decid
ed not to keep up the act anymore just because you think I won’t forgive the Walker family?”

“Mr. Alec, did you know that an illness like Miss Lawrence’s
can relapse anytime?” She looked up and maintained eye contact with Alec. She smirked. After a while,
she walked out of the lift. As for Alec, his expression turned dark right away.

This woman was threatening him!

He hurriedly chased after her. Before he could catch up, Jenny had already gotten in a cab and left. Thr
ough the car window, Jenny saw Alec’s dull expression. Her initial bad mood became slightly better no
w. Her phone rang. When she saw it was Stephanie, Jenny already predicted what she would say.

“Jenny, the Faust Group has completely ended their collaboration with the Walker family!” At the other e
nd of the phone, Stephanie’s voice sounded weak. She even sounded like she was about to cry.

Sure enough, Jenny wasn’t surprised that this had happened. After experiencing Alec’s attitude, she gu
essed this would be the outcome.

“Jenny, my family is going to go bankrupt,” Stephanie said. “I told my father about the incident the other
day. Not only did he not blame me, but he also said it wasn’t my fault! Jenny, do you think my dad has
gone mad? He didn’t even blame me for this.”

She initially thought her father would beat her up, but he didn’t. He didn’t even scold her. This only mad
e her feel even worse. After giving it some thought, Jenny finally spoke. “Calm down first. Even if you lo
se the Faust Group as a customer, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your family will go bankrupt. Parr
ington is huge. Faust Group isn’t the only company here,” she said.

However, Stephanie didn’t have high hopes.

“If it were just the end of our collaboration, we would have just lose a customer. Even though it
has a big

Chapter 17 Walter Not Walker

impact, it wouldn’t bankrupt us. But because our collaboration has
always been smooth, my dad always keeps stock of the products that Faust Group needs, and right no
w, this batch of ready–stock items is the source of all of our floating capital.”

Upon hearing
this, Jenny now understood the seriousness of this issue. She said to Stephanie, “Give me the details of

“Will other companies want to buy them?” She wasn’t confident.

“No matter what, we still have to give it a try. As long as we have a chance, we
can’t give up so easily,” she said to Stephanie.

Maybe because Jenny influenced her, Stephanie quickly got rid of all
the negative thoughts and pulled herself together.

“You’re right.”

After she hung up the phone, Jenny immediately made another phone call.

“Gilbert, I need a favor from you.”

Chapter 18 My Understanding of Alec’s Character

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