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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 75

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Chapter 75 Not Just a Barbie Doll

As Jenny drove out from the parking lot, Steven met up with Yvonne at the airport. He pointed in
Jenny’s direction and said, “She’s that woman.”

“She does look attractive,” Yvonne remarked and nodded.

“I looked into Jenny Walter-she’s a doctor at Parrington Hospital and has a good reputation.” He
smirked, looking unbothered. Yvonne was surprised. “Oh! She’s not just a Barbie doll, then.”

Right. Alec would never fall for a Barbie doll.

While driving, Steven muttered nervously, “Alec called away the bodyguards at the entrance this
morning. I think he’s done putting me under house arrest.”

That should have been a good news, but Steven felt uneasy about the sudden change. Hence, the first
thing he did after he was free was to hurriedly fetch Yvonne from the airport.

“He’s about to make a move on our family.” She stared at her phone screen, which was showing their
free- falling stock price since the morning. Alec must have had something to do with this.

Steven was slightly taken aback, and his eyes burned with fury. “Does he think the Fausts are better?
We’re not afraid of him.”

“That’s true, but there will be no winner if we go against each other.” She sighed and added, “Drop me
off at Faust Group.”

Jenny brought her brothers for a meal at Fig Garden. In their private lounge, she told them everything
that had happened to her recently. The two men looked grave after learning about the abduction.

“Faye Lawrence!” Gilbert repeated her name with a murderous look in his eyes.

“Taking down the Lawrences is easy since they are in a dire situation anyway. The Dickmans,
however…” Jenny’s eyes darkened when she brought up the Dickmans. Gilbert nodded knowingly and
announced, “I’ll deal with the Lawrences. When I take them down, I’ll take over as many assets as

Apart from avenging Jenny, his other goal was to take this opportunity to strengthen his capability. His
trip abroad revealed the yawning gap between him and the others. It was impossible to protect the
important people around him with his lousy capabilities at the time being.

“Okay. I’ll gather some information and send them to you. They might be of help,” she replied.

Zack munched on his food and sounded exasperated. “I can’t help much on the business side. You all
know that I’m a loser when it comes to this.”

Growing up, Gilbert and Jenny were geniuses, but Zack was only good at computers. Even then, Jenny
was better than him at computers, which explained his bitter mood at that moment.

“Zack, didn’t you always say that good looks are an asset?” she joked.

Zack smiled bitterly and sighed. “Well, today, I learned that good looks are worth nothing.”

“Alright now. If you think you’re not being helpful, why don’t you keep an eye on the Dickmans and
figure. out what they’ve been up to, especially the projects they signed?” she suggested. Knowing that
the Dickmans were a huge conglomerate, it would be wiser to bid her time than attempt to take them
down right away.

“Sure.” Zack nodded. During Jenny and Zack’s conversation, Gilbert peeked at his phone and

The Dickman’s stocks have been tumbling since this morning. This is abnormal. Someone must have
pulled some tricks behind the scenes.” He glanced at Jenny. “What a coincidence! Jenny, did you do

She was caught by surprise and froze. “No, it wasn’t me.” She was not influential enough to manipulate
the stock price of the Dickmans’ company.

“It wasn’t you?” Gilbert frowned and thought hard. Jenny went back to eating, but she was thinking
about someone. Could it have been him? She was reluctant to accept the reality, but no one apart from
Alec Faust had the motive or ability to crush the Dickmans.

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