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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 76

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Chapter 76 Going Easy on You

“Mr. Faust, Dickman LLC’s stock has reached the price limit,” Over at Faust Group, Vincent handed
Alec a tablet. Alec took a glance and nodded with satisfaction. “Keep an eye on them. Whatever project
they’re after, I want it too.”

“Yes, sir.” Vincent nodded and silently prayed for Dickman LLC, whose owners were in hot water after
Steven offended Alec.

He wanted to speak but was interrupted by a knock on the door. He opened the door and was shocked
by who he saw. “M-Miss Dickman!”

“It’s been a while, Vincent.” She smiled at him and asked, “Is Alec in?”

“Yes, he is.” Vincent turned around to steal a glance at Alec. Yvonne strolled into the office, smiling
from ear to ear as she looked at the man behind the desk. They hadn’t seen each other for some time,
but Alec remained as handsome as ever.

“Alec,” she called.

He frowned but remained unemotional. “Why are you here?”

“Work’s not too busy. I thought I should visit home,” she explained, unconcerned about what Alec was
feeling. Shall we have lunch?” she asked. Although Dickman LLC was in trouble, she knew Alec too
well to rush the conversation.

After some hesitation, he nodded. “My treat.”


While chatting, the two walked out of the office. Vincent watched them leave and was filled with

“The relationship between Miss Dickman and Mr. Faust…” he mumbled and shook his head. “That is
something I could never understand.”

At the restaurant, Yvonne was chatting merrily while eating. “I still prefer Parrington’s food after all
these years!”

“Then, stay,” he replied.

“Yeah, I’ll think about it.” She nodded thoughtfully, as though she was considering his suggestion. In the
middle of the lunch, something came to her mind, and she asked, “Your grandpa’s birthday event is
around the corner, isn’t it?”

“Yes. It’s next week.” He nodded.

“Well, I came home right in time! I haven’t met him in a while. How’s his health?” she asked with a
natural closeness that was not unfamiliar to Alec. He placed his fork and knife on the table and
answered, “He’s doing fine.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“You’re not here just for life updates, right?” He leaned back against his chair and stared right through
her as if he could read her mind.

She smiled, put down her fork, and pouted. “I really can’t hide anything from you.”

He chuckled. Yvonne came home right when Dickman LLC went up in flames, and he wasn’t that
dense. not to connect the dots.

“Steven told me everything. That was indeed his fault, and I shall apologize to you on behalf of him,”

addressed Alec with great sincerity, genuinely hoping that the two families would not turn against each
other for a woman. Although Jenny Walter was attractive, Yvonne didn’t think too much of her, as
countless lovely ladies surrounded Alec over the years. She believed his interest in Jenny would fade
over time.

To her surprise, he stared at her coldly without a word. She started feeling anxious. “Alec, you know
Steven. That’s who he is. And he didn’t know the relationship between you and that lady.”

“Since you know him well, you should also understand that I’ve been going easy on you for not sending
him to jail,” he said icily.


“She’s not his first victim. I don’t care if your family wants to protect him as long as you can face the
consequences of doing so. It’s none of my business anyway. But this time around…” His expression

as he went on.

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