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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 78

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Chapter 78 Maybe You’re Confused

Alec stopped looking out the window, but he didn’t answer immediately.

“Yvonne, what do you think love is?” he suddenly asked. It had nothing to do with her question.

Shocked, she stared at him in disbelief. “Do you love her?”

“I don’t know,” Alec answered, shaking his head. He truly didn’t know. “I was just curious about her at
first. But later… I don’t even know what is going on right now.”

Holding a cup of coffee in his hand, he spoke slowly to her. However, each word landed heavily on
Yvonne’s heart, piercing it like knives.

It took a long time for Yvonne to respond. Suppressing her fear, she finally replied, “You told me before
that you don’t believe in love and that love is fake.”

“Yes, I did,” Alec admitted. He believed his still heart wouldn’t be pounding this hard if it weren’t for
Jenny. “Alec, perhaps you’re confused.” As Alec watched her, she explained, “You think you’re in love
with her, but maybe you’re just curious about her.”

“That makes sense.” He nodded, acknowledging the possibility she suggested.

Yvonne breathed a sigh of relief in response, glad she still stood a chance. However, she couldn’t allow
things to go on. If she did, Alec would fall for Jenny sooner or later, and she would stand no chance.

Half an hour later, Steven finally arrived at the restaurant. When he saw Alec, he instinctively hid
behind Yvonne, a little afraid of him. Alec shot gave him a cold look but said nothing.

Yvonne made him sit beside her before telling him, “When she comes later, you must apologize to her.

“Yes, I understand.” Steven gave her a perfunctory nod.

Five minutes later, Jenny arrived.

“Hello.” Yvonne stood up and extended her hand to Jenny. “I’m Steven’s sister, Yvonne.”

Jenny nodded at her, saying. “Hello, Miss Dickson. I’m Jenny.”

She didn’t accept Yvonne’s extended arm, completely ignoring the embarrassment that flashed across
her face. After all, she wasn’t there to make friends.

“Miss Walter, Steven was wrong for what he did. I have given him a serious scolding, and I promise
there will be no next time.” Having said that, she nudged Steven, who was standing beside her.
However, Steven’s eyes had been fixated on Jenny since she arrived. After a few days of not seeing
her, he found her more beautiful and figured she must taste pretty good too.

His eyes betrayed his thoughts. Even Alec, who was standing in a corner, could tell what he was
thinking. let alone Jenny.

Suddenly, Steven cried aloud when hot coffee splashed on his face.

Alec growled, “I can take care of your eyes if you don’t want them.”

“Alec, I’m sorry! He…” Yvonne was exasperated, wondering how her brother could be so brazen before
Alec. Wiping the coffee off Steven, she glared at him fiercely, saying through gritted teeth, “Apologize to
Miss Walter now!”

“I’m sorry,” Steven muttered, lowering his head. However, his eyes boiled with hatred.

“Louder!” Yvonne yelled at him, wondering how she ended up with a brother like him.

Taken aback, Steven was afraid to go against Yvonne. Raising his voice, he shouted, “I’m sorry, Miss
Walter, I won’t do it again in the future. Please forgive me.”

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