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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 84

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Chapter 84 What Did She Do for the Past Two Years?

Alec stared at the living room, wondering if he was imagining things or if nothing had changed for the
past two years.

“Has the mansion been renovated in the past two years?” he asked Mrs. Langston.

“No,” she replied before adding, “Your grandfather told Mrs. Fau-”

Recalling that Alec and Jenny had divorced, she paused and started again, “Well, he told Miss Walter
that she could do as she pleased with the house, but she didn’t change anything.”

Alec’s face darkened. He knew why Jenny made no changes to the house. Like him, she was reluctant
to get married. Since she didn’t think it would last long, of course, she wouldn’t waste time decorating
the Faust Mansion.

“What did she do for the past two years?”

He felt a sudden urge to know more about Jenny’s past. Mrs. Langston glanced at him, wondering why
he was asking about Jenny after their divorce. Nonetheless, she didn’t dare to ask him why, and she
told him the truth, “Miss Walter’s daily routine here was very simple. She would tend to the flowers at
home, read books and sometimes go out shopping. That’s about it.”

She had persuaded Jenny to look for Alec. After all, it would be strange if a newly wedded couple never
met each other.

However, Jenny had merely smiled and said, “Why should I look for him? Isn’t life good now? I have all
the freedom I want.”

“Was that it?” Alec wondered. He was a little surprised to discover that she had led such a simple life.

“Was she often at home?” he asked.

“She stayed at home every day. Well, sometimes she would go shopping until it was late, but she
always returned here. In fact, she has never spent a night elsewhere,” Mrs. Langston replied. In her
opinion, Jenny had been a good wife.

Alec was taken aback. He found it hard to believe. Given Jenny’s personality, he had imagined that she
would have been busy outside. Why would she return home every day?

Alec stopped asking questions and pointed upstairs. “Which room did she stay in?”

“The first room on the right of the first floor,” Mrs. Langston answered.

“Why didn’t she stay in the master bedroom?” he asked with a frown, a little surprised.

“She said that the master bedroom was too big, and she was afraid of living alone, so she moved to a
smaller bedroom.”

Alec waved at her, signaling her to go to work. He headed upstairs to the room where Jenny had
stayed. He pushed the door open, revealing a dark room. When he turned on the lights, he was
greeted by a simple large bed.

Surveying the room, Alec could find no trace of Jenny living there. Perhaps it was because the room
had been cleaned.

Nothing in the room had been changed, so he imagined that Jenny must have treated it like a hotel.
She probably didn’t care about what was in the room as long as she could sleep. The realization hit
Alec with a complex wave of emotions.

He pushed open the glass door to the balcony. The moonlight cast a long shadow behind him.

Alec couldn’t help but wonder if Jenny had stood where he was, looking at the gates of the mansion for
the past two years. Had she hoped that he would return?

At that moment, he finally understood why she loathed him. For the past two years, apart from not
returning to the Faust Mansion, his life hadn’t changed. He was as free as he had been before the

Jenny, on the other hand, had spent night after night waiting. Even if she didn’t love him, she couldn’t
have expected him to never visit her even once

Alec exhaled a long, deep sigh. He never expected to meet her after their divorce, when she was no
longer his wife, but his ex-wife.

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