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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 120

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Chapter 120 That’s Enough

Alec was now the biggest shareholder of Parrington Hospital, and he had already notified the hospital.
So, when Jenny rushed to the hospital, nurses were already waiting at the entrance. Even the
chairman was there, proving that the old man was not someone to be taken lightly.

However, Jenny was in no mood to think of this. She got out of the ambulance and asked, “Is the
operating room prepared?”

“Yes, it is,” someone answered.

She nodded in satisfaction and said to the paramedics on the ambulance, “Send him straight into the
emergency ward. Prepare for surgery.”

Done speaking, she walked toward the operating room. When she walked past the chairman, he
grabbed her hand and said, “How is it? Is it going to work?”

Although he knew of Jenny’s capabilities, the old man was just too important for him not to worry.

“Relax. I’ll do my best.” She didn’t linger and went straight to the operating room, preparing for the

At the same time, a young man held a glass of red wine in a private jet at Bardoff Airport. He typed
leisurely on his laptop with his right hand. A detailed sheet of someone’s particulars quickly came into

“Master, the plane will be ready to fly in five minutes.” His butler walked over, speaking softly.

The young man nodded and shut off his laptop. “Okay.”

“Master, I honestly can’t understand why you would consent to Mr. Spade’s surgery being performed by
that doctor at Parrington Hospital. Especially craniotomy,” the butler blurted out. He was worried.

The young man leaned against the leather seat and locked out the window. He said calmly, “What are
we supposed to do? Watch him die?”

“We could contact the best doctors in Bardoff…”

“Didn’t you hear the doctor telling us about the urgency?” The young man looked at his butler with an
icy glare in his dark irises.

The butler felt a chill on his back, but he forced out, “Who knows if she said that on purpose.”

“That’s enough!” The young man’s voice was harsh. He narrowed his eyes. “I trust her.”

The butler was astonished. This was the first time that the master trusted someone else.

In Parrington Hospital, several people waited in front of the operating room. Besides Alec, some people
had come simply because it was Mr. Spade in the room.

When Jenny walked out of the room, she was stunned by the flock of people before her. What were
they .doing here?

“Are you alright?” Alec asked. His eyes were full of worry.

Jenny nodded. “We managed to save him. He is no longer in danger, so you can rest easy.”

“I’m asking about you,” he said, his gaze resting on her

She was stunned, but she got back to her senses quickly. “I’m fine.”

“Great.” Alec retracted his gaze, nodding.

A group of people surrounded Jenny, fervently asking about Mr. Spade’s condition. She felt a little


The bodyguard noticed his master’s arrival and hurriedly rushed over. “You’re quick. The surgery is just
completed. Mr. Spade is not in danger.”

The young man nodded, devoid of emotion.

He went toward Jenny and smiled. “Dr. Walter? Thank you for your help.”

“No need to be polite. Saving patients is my job.” Jenny looked at this young man, whose looks could
be compared to Alec’s. She seemed to be seeing plenty of handsome men lately.

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