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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 122

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Chapter 122 I’m Being Brazen

Vincent was dishing out the truth. Alec thought it made sense. His anger at having been ignored by
Jenny gradually dissipated.

He smirked. ‘Is that so? Well, what should I do, according to you?”

“Nothing much. Time will tell,” Vincent said.

“Speak in a language that I understand!”

“All I’m saying is that as long as you don’t give up, you’ll be bound to move her one day,” Vincent said,
smiling dryly.

Was that so? Alec felt that Jenny’s heart was made of stone. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t

move her.

What was more, there were so many men around her. There was Gilbert, Max, and now Christopher.
Although Christopher hadn’t done much yet; Alec felt that he was interested in Jenny.

Could this be a man’s instinct?

In Parrington Hospital, when Christopher learned of his father’s condition and understood just how dire
the situation was, he instantly felt even more indebted to Jenny.

“Truly, thank you. If not for your quick saving, my father would probably be in Heaven by now,” he said

Jenny waved her hands, not taking it to heart. “You’ve already thanked me before. You really don’t
have to be so polite.”

“I just don’t know how else to thank you,” he said.

“You don’t have to do anything. Go visit your father,” Jenny said.

Christopher nodded and got up. When he got to the door, he suddenly stopped. “Are you free tonight?
Let’s have dinner. It’ll be a gesture of my gratitude.”

Jenny frowned and refused, “It’s alright. I’ve already said before that this is just my job.”

“I’m sorry. I’m being too brazen.” Christopher sensed her displeasure and didn’t dwindle after his
apology. He left the office.

After he left, Jenny’s face grew serious. She remembered the list that her grandfather had given her
before his death. It listed the names of families that could be trusted and those who couldn’t.

“Jenny, if you meet the families you can trust, build rapport with them. Perhaps they’ll help you one

After his passing, she was too sad to take the list to heart. Now, she realized what a huge mistake it
was. She was simply a commoner. Why would she need these huge names to help her? What did her -
grandfather mean?

She rubbed her temples. She couldn’t figure it out at all.

She decided to just not think about it. Perhaps it would come naturally to her one day.

The Spades were one of the families listed as trustworthy. This was why Jenny was so kind to
Christopher. However, when he invited her for dinner, she felt that he could be just like the rest.
Perhaps he was even like Steven Dickman. She suddenly felt less accommodating to him.

Before she could think about needing their help, Jenny had to first consider whether she was worthy of

help. She had to have a certain level of ability before she could ask them to help her.

At the thought of this, she grew anxious. It seemed that she had to talk with Gilbert about joining forces
with Max Pearson to take down the Dickmans.

Gilbert’s company had to keep expanding. She had to do something. She had eyed the Dickmans’
clothing brand for a long time.

It was time to tighten the noose.

Right now, Christopher had no idea about Jenny’s calculations. After leaving the office, he realized how
brazenly he had acted. He shouldn’t have asked her out so freely. It showed that he was a frivolous

As he agonized over it, he reached the ICU. He looked at the old man still in a coma and sighed. “I told


before to take care of yourself, but you wouldn’t listen. Are you happy now? Maybe you’re lucky
because there was someone in Parrington who could save your life.”

His words were not pleasant, but there was no mistaking the concern in his eyes.

“Guard the door. Do not let anyone near,” he ordered the bodyguard.

The old man was in a coma. The Spades had not quietened down. He still had a lot of work to do.

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