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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 129

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Chapter 129 I’m Not Interested in Either of You

They mocked each other with their words. Jenny stared at the food before her, ignoring them
completely. Just before they erupted into an actual fight, Jenny looked up at them. “I’m not interested in
either of you.”

They were speechless. She put down her utensils and said to Christopher, “You guys can continue. I’m
done. I’m going home.”


She had already left the booth. Christopher was a little frustrated. He shouldn’t have argued with Alec.
There was no point, and it made Jenny upset.

Alec, however, was in a good mood. He held up his glass and drank from it serenely. “Seems like
you’re not her type, either.”

He was at ease now.

“That’s better than being her ex-husband.” Now that Jenny was gone, Christopher did not hold himself


Alec didn’t care. He was even a little happy. “At least I’m her ex-husband. You have nothing going on
with her at all. So do yourself a favor and stop bothering her.”

“Who’s being the bother, exactly? Don’t pretend you’re innocent, Mr. Faust.” Christopher scoffed and
got up from his seat, not wanting to waste his time on him anymore.

After Christopher left, Alec stayed in the booth. He sipped his drink, dwelling on his thoughts.

Back home, Jenny washed her face, especially her lips. She quite nearly rubbed it off. “Go to hell, Alec
Faust!” she yelled as she scrubbed her lips. She felt extremely upset. Ten minutes later, she left the
bathroom and sat on the couch with her phone in hand. She called Gilbert.

Someone had to be on the receiving end of her wrath.

It had been a while. It was time to take down the Dickmans. Otherwise, they would think she had
forgotten their crimes.

Over the phone, she told Gilbert about how she was going to work together with Max Pearson. Gilbert
agreed with her on the alliance.

If they took down the Dickmans, they and the Pearsons would both benefit greatly. This was crucial


Gilbert merely warned, “Is Max dependable? What if he’s working together with the Dickmans to lure us

Gilbert wasn’t being paranoid. Max didn’t have a good reputation. He was the type to do something like


Jenny considered it for a while, then said, “Probably not. His desire to take down the Dickmans is

“Alright, I’ll take your word for it,” Gilbert said.

Jenny was grateful. She knew that Gilbert didn’t actually have to risk working with the Pearsons. Even
with slow planning, they could take down the Dickmans sooner or later. It would simply take longer.

But right now, she didn’t have the luxury of time.

She hung up. Jenny tried to keep herself busy. If she rested, Alec’s face would appear in her head, and

would gnash her teeth in hatred.

When Alec got home, he was in no rush to walk into his house. He lingered outside Jenny’s door,
wanting to knock but not having the courage to do so.

Once he calmed himself down, he realized that he had probably gone too far. Would this make Jenny
hate him even more? He did not regret the kiss. It still lingered on his lips However, he felt uneasy. If
this made Jenny hate him more, it could throw their shaky relationship back to square one

He pondered it for a long time outside her door. In the end, he texted her. With no reply, he had no
choice but to turn back and head home.

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