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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 131

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Chapter 131 The Grudge Between Alec and Max

Alec nodded. The knife in his hands moved swiftly as he sliced up a tomato. His knife skills were
comparable to that of a renowned chef.

Jenny thought she was witnessing a whole new Alec.

“Are you surprised?” Alec turned to face her after noticing she had remained silent. She was in a daze.
“I grew up with my grandfather. He was busy with the company and had no time for me. Although we
had. nannies, they thought that since I was young and my grandfather wasn’t around, they didn’t cook.
So, I learned to cook by myself.”

He learned to rely on himself from a very young age. He learned fervently and mastered everything in
life so that he could live comfortably.

That was the first time Jenny heard Alec talk about his childhood. Her curiosity was piqued. “What
about your parents? Were they absent, too?”

His back stiffened. The atmosphere instantly turned grim. “They divorced very early on. My father left
for another woman. My mother couldn’t handle the heartbreak and killed herself.”

She died right before his eyes.

That day, he had fallen asleep early. His mother was sleeping in the same bed as him, which was a
rare occurrence. He was happy. But he never could have thought that when he woke up in the middle
of the night and tried to crawl into his mother’s arms, instead of his mother’s embrace, he would feel an


It was pitch dark. Little Alec had no idea what had happened. He merely cried out for his mother, but no
response came. It was only until his cries startled his grandfather downstairs and the lights were turned
on that Alec saw his mother’s pale face.

From that day onward, he began fearing the dark. He felt that it brought bad news. Of course, he would
never tell anyone about this. Jenny was no exception.

He did not need any of their sympathies.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know…” Jenny was uncomfortable. Although she was married to him for two years,
she knew nothing about the Fausts. On the one hand, it was because her grandfather had never said
anything to her. On the other, it was because she bore absolutely no interest whatsoever. She felt that
she wouldn’t stay with the Fausts for long and thus never wished to understand them.

“It’s alright. It’s all in the past.” Alec shrugged nonchalantly. “Weren’t you curious about the grudge Max
has against me? The truth is, my father eloped with his mother. They abandoned their families for the
sake of love. In the end, my mother was the one who died. Although his father lived, he turned into an
alcoholic and would beat Max every time he got home. He married again, and they both tortured him.”

Max hated his father and mother. He blamed Alec’s father for his mother’s departure and extended his
grudge toward the entire Faust family.

Jenny needed a moment to recover after Alec said all of this. She would never have expected things to
be so complicated between them. “So all these years, despite him annoying you, you never fought
back because you felt guilty?” she asked.

Alec laughed. “What do I have to feel guilty about?”

“It was your father who took his mother away…”

“Wasn’t my father taken away by his mother?” Alec retorted.

Jenny thought that made sense, too. They were both willing participants in the affair it didn’t matter who
led the other astray, so why did Max hate the entire Fast family? it seemed implausible

As if reading her mind, Alec said. “I just think he’s pitiful His father blamed everything on mine. He
thinks my father destroyed his family Under the influence of a family like that Max is brainwashed You
don’t know how much he got beaten up. He was bloody all over, always. In that kind of household, Max
is long gone.”

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