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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 136

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Chapter 136 I’ll Teach Him a Lesson

Jenny left the hospital at eight in the evening, dragging her exhausted body to Stephanie. “Why are you
looking for me so late at night? Is it good or bad news?”

“What do you mean, good or bad news? I just thought since we hadn’t seen each other in a while, I’d
invite you to dinner.” Stephanie was feeling a little hapless. She didn’t know Jenny got off work so late.

Unfortunately, Jenny was unmoved. She didn’t seem to be touched at all. “I thought you had forgotten.
about me since you got yourself a boyfriend.”

Once knowing that a man now existed in Stephanie’s life, Jenny understood why she was busy all the
time, so she did not ask her out as often to avoid feeling upset.

Stephanie didn’t continue the conversation, and it made Jenny suspect something. “What? Did you
fight? You guys broke up?”

“What do you mean broke up? We were never together.” Stephanie smiled bitterly, her words filled with

Jenny was stunned. “It’s been so long, though. What have you been doing?”

“He didn’t want to be with me officially. What can I do about it?” Stephanie had already said and done
everything that she could, but all she had received was a refusal to take the next step.

What did he take her for?

Jenny frowned as if understanding something. “Did he want you to be his secret lover?”

The moment those words left her mouth, emotions surged in Jenny’s chest. Stephanie pulled her
back.” He didn’t say anything like that.”

“What did he say, then?” Jenny said, refusing to let the matter rest.

Stephanie smiled bitterly. “Nothing.”

He had not clarified their relationship, nor had he shared what he wanted for their future. He was flaky,
and Stephanie did not feel secure with him.

“Nothing at all?” Jenny raised her voice and stared at Stephanie steely. “Isn’t that obvious enough? He
just wants you to be his friend with benefits, not his girlfriend.”

It wasn’t unusual in society. Jenny had only heard of things like this happening. She never imagined
that someday, her best friend would encounter something like this.

Stephanie was quiet. With that man’s status, this was probably the only plausible explanation.

A friend with benefits?

No matter how bad at love Stephanie was, she wasn’t a tool to be used.

Her expression was frosty. She said, “Relax. I’m not the kind of person who’s blinded by love. I’ll ask
him clearly. If he truly does think like that, I won’t waste any more of my time on him.”

She liked him a lot, but her patience had a limit.

“Tell me his name. I’ll teach him a lesson.” Jenny was furious. She thought Stephanie couldn’t let him

Stephanie didn’t say “Paul Wagner.” Instead, she pulled at Jenny’s arm and said, “Let’s go eat. It’ll be
time. for supper if we don’t go now.”

“You…” Jenny still wished to speak, but Stephanie had already gotten into the car. She clearly didn’t


to keep talking about it.

Jenny was frustrated, but she didn’t want to press on. An investigation, however, would still be
necessary. Her friend’s happiness was on the line. She didn’t want her to be misled.

With that thought in mind, Jenny messaged Zack. “Hey, help me find the man Stephanie’s been seeing.
Keep this a secret. Don’t let her know.”

Jenny didn’t want Stephanie to worry or overthink things. She could solve this privately. She wouldn’t
let that irresponsible bastard just disappear from Stephanie’s life.

Stephanie started driving and saw Jenny texting. “Texting Alec Faust?” she teased. “You guys are
making. progress.

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