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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 143

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Chapter 143 She’s Just That Special

He wasn’t the only police officer who thought the same. Joe Chapman, who watched the interrogation
from outside, smiled as he said, “She’s pretty bold. It’s no wonder that you admire her.”

Alec looked at Jenny, who was in the interrogation room. A smile appeared on his lips unwittingly.
“She’s just that special.”

She was Jenny Walter, his ex-wife. Subsequently, the woman he could not fathom the most.

“But you must prepare yourself. Even if she’s yours, this is a tough situation to handle. The evidence all
points to her. If you can’t find anything that clears her name, she might actually have to go to court,” Mr.
Chapman reminded.

Although Alec’s status was extraordinary, he was just another person to the law. If Jenny had really
killed Steven, even Alec wouldn’t be able to protect her. He nodded, understanding. “I believe her.”

“Alright. Then you must find evidence that proves her innocence. The superiors are taking this very
seriously. The Dickmans are applying a lot of pressure. There won’t be much time for you.”

“Alright.” Alec prepared to leave. But soon after, he said to Mr. Chapman, “Take care of her for me.”

“Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to her as long as she’s with me.”

Alec left the police station while Jenny’s interrogation was still ongoing.

Once Zack and Gilbert heard the news, they immediately hired a lawyer for Jenny, who came to see
her. Once they knew that she was alright, they began searching for evidence.

Jenny, on the contrary, wasn’t worried. She hadn’t killed Steven. On top of that, she had full trust in
Zack’s and Gilbert’s abilities. She believed that they could find the evidence needed to clear her name.
But before they could, the police presented yet another damning piece of evidence to her.

“This is Steven Dickman’s phone. There’s a text from you telling him to meet you at the hotel. We have
reason to believe that you plotted his murder.”

Self-defense and the intention to kill were two entirely different things.

Jenny looked at Steven’s phone and smirked inwardly. Her kidnapper had truly prepared everything.
She didn’t even know Steven’s number, so how could she send him a text?

“I didn’t text that. Someone must have used my phone to frame me when I was unconscious,” she said
calmly. She was neither panicked nor worried.

Outside the interrogation room, George and Yvonne Dickman’s faces turned unpleasant when they
heard her reply. They were obviously not in good moods.

“Liar!” George roared. “Who else could it be? She must have seduced my son, and when she failed,
she killed him! You must get to the bottom of this, Mr. Chapman! Don’t think she can flaunt the law just
because Alec has her back! The Dickmans are powerful, too!”

Mr. Chapman felt uneasy. He could not afford to offend a single one of these families. “Don’t worry, Mr.
Dickman. Justice will be served. No one shall affect our investigations.” The implication was that
neither Alec nor the Dickmans could sway him.

George got the hint and scoffed. “It best be that way. I won’t hold myself back if I learn that you’re
picking sides!”

“Please don’t worry. We will seek justice for the victim.”

While they talked, Yvonne stared at Jenny. After a while, she said, “Mr. Chapman, may I talk to her?”

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