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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 150

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Chapter 150 What Was the Use of Pretending?

When he got to the condominium, Jenny was already at the gates. She looked like she was about to
leave. That was why he asked.

“I wanted to see Zack and Gilbert. I don’t want my gates to be surrounded by people every day.” The
previous incident made her realize that this matter had to be settled quickly.

“I’ll go with you,” Alec said.

Jenny frowned. She glanced at the wound on his arm. She parted her lips to refuse, but Alec said, “I’m
fine. It’s nothing.”

She was speechless. Alright. Since he thought that one large patch of red skin meant nothing, she
didn’t. have to pity him..

The car started toward Gilbert’s villa.

Right as they reached the entrance, they bumped into Zack and Gilbert, who were about to leave.
Jenny was surprised. “Zack! Gilbert! Where are you guys going?”

“Jenny?” Gilbert was shocked. “Are you alright? We just heard that someone was attacking you and
were about to go to your condo.”

“I’m fine.” Jenny shook her head and looked at Zack. “Zack, has the footage been recovered?”

Zack instantly lowered his head, not daring to meet Jenny’s eyes. He felt ashamed. “Not yet. It should
be done soon.”

He hadn’t done a lot of footage recovery jobs before. He didn’t think that it would be so hard.

“I’ll do it.” Jenny didn’t blame him. She knew that Zack had already tried his best. This wasn’t his area
of expertise.

They went into the villa together. It was then that Gilbert noticed Alec, and he frowned. “Mr. Faust?”

“Gilbert.” Alec nodded.

“You and Jenny…”

“Someone was targeting Jenny. I happened to save her and got a little hurt, but you needn’t worry.”
Alec raised his arm, putting it on display for Gilbert to see.

Gilbert thought that Alec was showing off. Was he always so immature?

Gilbert couldn’t be bothered to entertain him. He quickly wanted to follow Zack and Jenny.

Only Gilbert and Alec were in the living room. Jenny and Zack had gone to the study, so they couldn’t
quite intrude.

“You seem to have taken a fancy to my sister, Mr. Faust,” Gilbert said.

Alec smirked and corrected him. “Not quite, Gilbert. I’m pursuing her. I don’t have ulterior motives. I’m
only being sincere.”

Gilbert rolled his eyes and said impatiently, “With the way you’re saying it, I’d never think that you
divorced my sister,”

His words hit a little close to home, but Alec continued, “Anyone would find it hard to accept suddenly
having a wife. I believe you would understand. As for why I’m pursuing her now, it’s because I truly like
her from the bottom of my heart. It’s not because she’s my ex-wife.”

At his words, Gilbert’s heart ached. He retorted, “Who do you think she is? Do you think you can marry
her just because you want to? It’s not just her. As part of her family, I wouldn’t let her get back together

her ex.”

Alec’s expression shifted. He no longer looked at Gilbert as kindly. “Family? I’m afraid you don’t want to
be just her family, Gilbert.”

Gilbert’s face twisted, and he shot up from his chair. “Alec Faust! What do you mean by that?”

“Don’t you know what I mean?” Alec smiled mockingly. They were both men. What was the use of

Gilbert clenched his fists and glared at him in hatred. “I’m warning you to cut the crap. You have no
right to comment on things between Jenny and me.”

“Are you afraid that Jenny will find out you have feelings for her?” Alec’s words hit the nail on the head.
Gilbert didn’t reply, merely keeping a sour expression on his face.

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