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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 151

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Chapter 151 I’m Warning You

Alec leaned back on the chair, grinning from ear to ear.

“I wonder if Jenny becomes aware of your feelings for her, would she still treat you like a brother?”

Despite Alec’s threat, Gilbert was unfazed. Instead, he asked, “Are you close with Jenny? Do you she’ll
believe you or me if you told her that?”

Alec fell silent as he knew that Jenny would undoubtedly believe in Gilbert.

“Well, if you would continue being only a brother to her, I won’t have to tell her,” he replied.


Gilbert snorted in response. “No matter what becomes of my relationship with Jenny, I won’t allow you
to be with her!”

The door to the study opened just as the two were about to confront each other, and Jenny and Zack
walked into the living room.


Jenny immediately noticed the tension in the room and circled the two of them suspiciously.

Gilbert’s gaze softened instantly when he heard her voice.

“Jenny, have you fixed it?” he asked, turning his head.

“Well, I’ve already sent the video to Mr. Chapman.” Jenny nodded.

“That’s good.” Gilbert heaved a sigh of relief. “Stay for lunch. I’ll cook for you.”

“Alright,” Jenny said, smiling instantly. “It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten your cooking.”

“Shall we go grocery shopping together?” Gilbert purposely invited her in front of Alec to prove that
Jenny would always trust him and that Alec’s knowledge held no power over him.

Alec silently observed the smile on Jenny’s face before turning to Gilbert. For some reason, he found
him to be quite cunning. Gilbert was definitely not a good person.

Jenny was about to leave with Gilbert when she noticed Alec standing in a corner.

Feeling a little embarrassed, she said, “Mr. Faust, you

“I would love to try Mr. Hawthorn’s cooking. Could I join you?” he asked as he made sure his scalded
arm was visible to them. He even angled himself in a position that would make his face appear paler.

Gilbert gritted his teeth in rage while Jenny looked like she felt bad.


“Mr. Faust, you saved my sister. Of course, you’re invited,” Gilbert said with a smile, swallowing his
anger.” You can wait at home while Jenny and I go grocery shopping.”

“Let’s all go together.”

There was no way he would allow Jenny and Gilbert to be alone. That would only aid Gilbert’s cause.

Gilbert seethed, barely keeping his anger in check. Alas, since Jenny was right beside him, he couldn’t
allow his anger to show. Hence, he replied, “Sure, as long as you aren’t tired.”

“Of course, I’m not tired. i just want to be with Jenny.” With a smile, he walked over to her.

Instantly, Jenny felt goosebumps rising all over her body. She shot Alec an angry look and said, “Don’t

think I’ll tolerate everything you do just because you’re hurt. I’m warning you, if you repeat that
disgusting sentence, I will…”

She raised her fist, her meaning clear as day.

Alec laughed, pretending to cower. “Trust me. I would never dare to do that again.”

They laughed as they bantered. To be exact, Alec was doing most of the laughing. Meanwhile, Gilbert,
who was trailing behind them, found it hard to watch them.

He was so jealous of Alec because he could openly and fearlessly express his feelings for Jenny,
whereas he couldn’t show his in the slightest, for fear of her noticing it.

At that moment, Gilbert wished that he was not Jenny’s brother. If only he could express his love like
Alec, perhaps he would be with Jenny ages ago.

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