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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 159

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Chapter 159 No Chance Left

Jonathan was stunned. He thought that Jenny would only ask him about the person behind his actions
like Mr. Chapman had done. Her question caught him by surprise.

“Since you’re so skilled, I believe the person who taught you must be very skilled too. Perhaps I know
them?” Jenny grinned at him as if she was talking to an old friend instead of a foe who had knocked her

At the mention of his teacher, Jonathan lowered his head, feeling extremely guilty.

“Do they know what you did?” Jenny asked.

As soon as he heard her, his expression changed drastically. He glared at her viciously, shouting, “I did
this of my own volition. It has nothing to do with my teacher!”

“Nothing to do with your teacher?” His statement was a joke in Jenny’s ears. “A teacher and their
student are one. A teacher’s honor lies in their students. Of course, your teacher would feel humiliated
if you do bad things.”

Jonathan gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. He knew that she was speaking the truth. Staring at
Jenny with his eyes full of hatred, he asked, “Do you think I would do this if I hadn’t been forced?”

“No reason is good enough for you to harm someone.”

Jenny had no sympathy for him. Changing the subject, she said, “However, if you are willing to name
the person who ordered you to do this, I can choose to forgive you. In that case, your sentence
wouldn’t be too harsh. You may need to spend a few years in prison, but you’ll have a chance to live a
reformed life.”

Jenny was certain that Yvonne was the person who ordered him, although she lacked the evidence.
She thought she was making him a good offer and that Jonathan had no reason to refuse. After all, no
one wanted to spend their entire lives in prison. However, she miscalculated.

Jonathan lowered his head. Then, he started to chuckle. “No.”

“Excuse me?” Jenny didn’t understand him.

“There is no chance left for me,” he said, smiling bitterly. If he hadn’t killed Steven, Jenny’s words might
have been able to move him. Unfortunately, he had committed murder, and there was no turning back
from that. Besides, if he kept quiet, his sister could be saved.

Jenny frowned as understanding dawned upon her. She couldn’t believe it. “You killed Steven?”

“Yes!” Jonathan admitted, resigned to his fate. He had killed Steven. There was no point denying it.

The revelation surprised Jenny. She didn’t peg Jonathan as a sinister person capable of taking a
person’s life. What exactly had Yvonne offered him?

At that moment, Jenny was both angry and annoyed. Above all, she was disappointed in Jonathan for
allowing himself to fall so low.

Staring at him, she said, “I believe when your teacher taught you how to fight, he told you to use them
to protect yourself and your family, not to kill people.”

Jonathan kept quiet, but his heart stung. Without another word, Jenny walked out of the interrogation


“Did he really kill Steven?” Mr. Chapman asked in disbelief. He always thought that Jonathan wasn’t
involved enough to commit a murder.

After giving it some thought, Jenny nodded and said, “Yes, I don’t think he lied about that. A person like
him wouldn’t admit to it if he didn’t do it.”

Given how ashamed he looked, Jenny was confident he wasn’t lying.

“Interrogate him for the details and make sure every detail is recorded,” Jenny ordered, even thought
Jonathan had confirmed that he was the killer.

“Sure, don’t worry about it.” Even if Jenny hadn’t told him, Mr. Chapman would’ve done that. “The
person who gave him the orders-”

“There’s no need to investigate. You won’t get any answers,” Jenny said before she promptly left the
police station.

It appeared that she had underestimated Yvonne.

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