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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 155

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Chapter 155 My Ex-husband

Jenny was the calmest among them. She continued eating as if she couldn’t hear what they were
saying. After she was done with her food, she took Gilbert’s plate and filled his plate with food, saying,
“This food is amazing.”

Gilbert received the plate Jenny handed to him, understanding what she was trying to say.

Alec stared at Jenny, waiting for her to refill his plate too. To his disappointment, Jenny did not.
Nevertheless, he quickly got over it. After all, Gilbert and Jenny were siblings. It was only natural for her
to do that.

Although Gilbert and Alec stopped squabbling, dinner wasn’t exactly harmonious.

Once dinner was over, Alec couldn’t find another excuse to stay. “Are you going back to Perry
Residence? I can give you a ride.”

Jenny shook her head. “No, you go back first.”

“Okay.” Alec nodded, then he left Gilbert’s house.

After he left, Jenny turned to Gilbert and frowned. “You don’t need to talk to him like that.”

“Jenny, I’m just worried that you-”

“He is my ex-husband. That’s all, Jenny said, her tone full of righteous indignation.

Nonetheless, it didn’t alleviate Gilbert’s worries. “That’s all? You’ll never fall for him?”

Jenny’s frown grew deeper. For some reason, Gilbert started acting weird after her divorce.

“I mean,” Gilbert hurriedly explained, “I’m just worried about you. I’m afraid that if you continue to
mingle with Alec, more dangers will arise in the future.”

Looking at Gilbert, she said, “Don’t worry. I’ll be careful. Also, I never thought of getting together with

Although Alec had helped her on several occasions, it wasn’t enough to make her fall in love with him,
let alone marry him for the second time. 1

“Okay, take care.” Gilbert didn’t say anything more for fear of incurring Jenny’s resentment.

Jenny nodded and said quietly, “I’ll head back now.”

“I’ll see you off,” Gilbert said.

“No, thanks. I’ll hail a cab at the front gate. After all, you just had some alcohol, so you’re not fit to
drive.” Having said that, Jenny walked out of the door.

As Jenny disappeared from his line of sight, the expression on Gilbert’s face changed subtly.

Zack, who had watched everything silently, asked Gilbert, “I know Alec was wrong for what he did, but
back then, he had never met Jenny. Maybe he actually likes her now?”

He didn’t understand why Gilbert was so opposed to Alec and why he kept suspecting that Jenny was
falling for Alec.

“If he liked her only after he met her, it only proves that he cares for nothing but a person’s appearance.
He must have regretted his decision after seeing how beautiful Jenny is,” Gilbert said, his eyes full of

In Zack’s opinion, Alec wasn’t that kind of person. After all, many beautiful women surrounded him.
Nevertheless, he didn’t argue with Gilbert. There was no point in him going against his brother for the

of an unfamiliar acquaintance.

When Jenny arrived at Perry Residence, she spotted Alec’s car. As she approached the lobby, she

him inside.

“Why are you here?” she asked as she thought Alec had returned to Faust Mansion.

“I’m waiting for Vincent to bring me my keys. I want to stay here tonight. Don’t worry. I’ll leave

When Alec moved to Faust Mansion, he gave Vincent the keys to his apartment. Since he had come to
Perry Residence on a whim, he didn’t even have his keys with him.

She frowned and asked, “Why aren’t you going back to Faust Mansion?”

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