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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 167

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Chapter 167 I Hope You’re Not Like Your Father

Warren was waiting at the entrance to the Old Mansion when Alec arrived. When he saw Alec, he
hurried forward. “Mr. Alec, you’re finally here! Mr. Faust has waited a long time!”

“How’s….” Alec frowned and appeared glum. “How’s his mood now?”

“He’s not in a good mood. Please brace yourself,” Warren replied truthfully. Alec nodded at him before
going up to the study on the second floor. He knocked and entered the dark room. The only light was
from the lamp on the study desk. An old man with gray hair sat at the desk and appeared lonely from
afar. “Grandpa,” Alec greeted Old Mr. Faust and walked up. Hearing the voice, Old Mr. Faust gave his
grandson a long look but remained quiet. Alec stood in front of him without a word.

A long silence later, Old Mr. Faust finally sighed. “Okay, tell me what’s going on between you and

Alec told him everything from last night without leaving out details and added, “Grandpa, don’t fret. I will
take care of it.”

“Will you?” There was a cold look in Old Mr. Faust’s eyes. “If you have taken care of it, what’s with the
rumors on the internet? Are you going to marry her? I will not accept a woman like her into my family!”

Knowing that Alec and Yvonne were close, he worried that Alec might actually marry her after last
night’s incident. However, Alec was merely confused by his grandfather’s remark and smiled
defeatedly. “Of course I won’t! And I thought you’d force me to marry her.”

As the Fausts were huge on reputation, the incident might affect their standing if Alec refused to marry
Yvonne. After all, the outsiders would never know the complexities behind yesterday’s incident.

“I have acknowledged Jenny as my only granddaughter-in-law, and I will not recognize any other
woman!” Old Mr. Faust declared. He was not keen on letting the devious Yvonne join the family
because he didn’t want to invite trouble.

Alec felt conflicted by his grandfather’s stance. He was a little glad but also sorrowful. Sighing, he
asked, Is Jenny that good, to the point of winning over you?”

“I don’t know about that. But there’s one thing I’m certain: she’s the most suitable partner for you.” Even
though Old Mr. Faust sounded confident, Alec had no idea about the rationale behind the claim.

Alec was not foolish, though. He sensed something was off when his grandfather insisted he chose
Jenny on different occasions. Despite that, he would not ask his grandfather about it. For starters, the
old man would not reveal the reason, and Alec was personally…

“If you are too soft to deal with Yvonne, you should let me handle it,” Old Mr. Faust suggested after
observing Alec’s silence.

Alec shook his head. “I have my plans. You don’t have to get involved.”

“Are you sure you can handle it yourself?” Old Mr. Faust was more worried about Alec’s soft spot than
questioning his capability.

“I can do it.” Alec nodded. To him, his grandfather’s worries were unnecessary. His longtime friendship
with Yvonne was shattered the moment she drugged him.

“Us Fausts are loyal men. If you love Jenny, you have to love her your whole life. Do not be fickle.
Understood?” Old Mr. Faust’s eyes were filled with worry.

“Yes, Grandpa.” Alec nodded.

“I hope you’re not like your father.”

The muscles on Alec’s back tensed up when he heard the remark. Memories flooded his mind, and all
color drained from his face.

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