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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 161

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Chapter 161 I’m Sorry, I Can’t Help You

When Alec returned to Faust Mansion from the company at 8.00 pm, he spotted Yvonne standing

“What are you doing here?” he asked as he got out of the car and approached her. His feelings were
rather complicated. He could guess why she was there. After all, everyone in Parrington knew what
was happening to the Dickmans. There was only one reason Yvonne would come to him now.

A little embarrassed, Yvonne cast her bloodshot eyes upon him. “Alec, can you help my family just this

“Let’s go in to talk.” Alec didn’t agree, nor did he refuse,

Yvonne didn’t move from her spot. “I won’t go in. I came today to hear your answer.”

Hearing that, Alec didn’t insist. After staring at her for a long time, he finally said, “I’m sorry, Yvonne. I
can’t help you.”

“Alec, if you don’t help my family, my dad will make me marry into the Blooms. The rest of my life will
be traded for the sake of an alliance between the Dickmans and the Blooms. Can’t you help me?

She looked at him pleadingly, wishing he could help her, even if it was only for this one time.

With a deep frown, Alec said solemnly, “Don’t worry, I won’t let your father do that to you.”

While he couldn’t help the Dickmans, he could help Yvonne avoid the arranged marriage. However,
that was not what Yvonne wanted.

“That’s all you’ll do?” Suddenly, Alec seemed so unfamiliar to her. Perhaps it was because she had
never truly understood him.

“Yvonne, even though the police didn’t find evidence against you, we both know why Steven died. The
most I can do for you is to not do anything.”

Alec was very conflicted. Standing on one side was his crush Jenny, and on the other side was his
childhood friend. He was already feeling very sorry for not helping Jenny. Hence, if he helped the
Dickmans, he would be pushing her away with his own hands.

Yvonne didn’t defend herself. While she knew she couldn’t hide this from Alec, she was sure he
wouldn’t do anything to her. That was the reason she dared to frame Jenny so boldly.

Lowering her head, she wept quietly while Alec just stood there.

A long time passed before Yvonne raised her head to ask, “Alec, I’ve wanted to ask you this for so
many years. Have you ever liked me?”

This question came out of left field and caught Alec by surprise.

“Before Jenny appeared, everyone said that we were the most compatible. You never objected when
people said that, so I thought you liked me too. But then you got married just like that. I remember
asking myself if you really liked me. I went abroad in a fit of anger, waiting for you to chase after me,
but you never came,” she said, laughing. “I heard you and Jenny had a bad relationship after getting
married. Your refused to meet her, so I thought you secretly liked me. That was what made me sure
that you liked me. However, once I returned, I knew for certain you never liked me at all. In your heart,
I’ve always been just a friend, and at most, a potential wife, right?”

Alec’s expression was solemn. “Perhaps so. The truth is, before Jenny appeared, I didn’t even know
what liking someone meant.”

Yvonne took a deep breath to stop her tears from falling. “Well, in any case, I came here to get your

answer. If I didn’t, I would never get any closure. I won’t say anything if you don’t want to help my
family, but for the sake of our friendship, can you have a drink with me? Let’s drink a toast to the rest of
my life that I’m giving away.”

“Regarding the Blooms, I can-” |

“No, if I can’t marry you, it doesn’t matter who I marry. Besides, the Blooms can help my dad keep
Dickman LLC, so that’s a pretty good deal.” Yvonne smiled as if she had thought it through.

Although he felt a little frustrated, Alec nodded. “Okay, make sure you think it through.”

“So, will you join me for a drink?” she asked. “After being friends for so many years, surely it’s not too
much to ask, right?”


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