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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 170

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Chapter 170 Discussing the Marriage

An explosive news spread across the internet the following morning. “Faust Group CEO Caught
Visiting the Dickmans’ Home; Marriage Discussions Going On?”

Jenny’s heart sank upon reading the headline as she struggled with an unexplainable feeling.

“Dr. Walter?” Dr. Scott called Jenny after noticing that she was spacing out.

She was pulled back to reality and stared at him. “Sorry. What did you say?”

“The hospital runs a rural welfare program. The director wants you to participate in it. What do you
think?” Dr. Scott checked with her.

She frowned in confusion. “But I’m new to the hospital. Is that appropriate?”

“That’s not a worry. It’s a corporate social responsibility program. You’ll only benefit from it,” Dr. Scott

Jenny knew that as well since most hospitals operated in the same way. The employees who joined the
program would be up for promotion after returning to work. As a new member of staff,

she was more worried that she’d attract hostility from her colleagues if she were to be promoted.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s the hospital’s decision. And you’re a capable candidate for the program,” Dr.
Scott assured her.

She finally agreed to it after some deliberation. “Okay, I’ll go. But let’s make it clear that I’m only there
for the CSR program. I hope the director does not show me excessive favor when I’m back.”

“Dr. Walter…”

“Dr. Scott, I understand your good intentions. But I’m young and have plenty of opportunities ahead of
me. Some colleagues deserved the promotion more than I do,” she explained. She didn’t care much
about work titles and wouldn’t want to take away opportunities that belonged to others.

In the face of her stubbornness, Dr. Scott gave up. “Okay, I understood.”

With that, Jenny accepted the three-month rural work slated to start tomorrow at a rural town in a
district far from Claymond City. Because of the arrangement, she left work early to pack her
belongings, check out the directions, and gather more information about her new workplace. She
couldn’t show up empty- handed.

Her phone buzzed right when she arrived in her neighborhood. She was surprised to see a call from
Old Mr. Faust.

“Grandpa.” She picked up the call.

“Jenny! You haven’t visited me in a long time. Why so? Do you not see me as your grandpa after the
divorce?” Old Mr. Faust’s gruff and tired voice made her feel bad.

“Grandpa, what are you talking about? I was a little busy lately and didn’t have the time to visit,” she
replied with a smile.

He chuckled and asked, “Are you still busy? Join me for dinner at the Old Mansion. I missed you a lot.”

She deliberated before agreeing, “Sure. I’ll be there soon.”

“Great! I’ll tell the kitchen to get your favorite dishes ready.” With that, Old Mr. Faust ended the call.
Jenny hailed a cab to head to the Old Mansion. Old Mr. Faust had always been nice to her. Since she

would be gone for three months, she decided to break the news in person just to keep him updated.

Soon, her cab arrived at the mansion’s doorstep. After paying the fare, she heard the sound of a car
arriving when she was about to enter. She turned around and spotted Alec’s car. Frowning at the sight
of him getting out of the car, she looked more disturbed when she noticed Yvonne coming with him.

“Miss Walter! What a coincidence! Are you here for dinner with grandpa?” Yvonne walked up to Alec
with a smile. At first glance, they appeared intimate.

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