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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 171

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Chapter 171 Miss Dickman, You Have Asked the Wrong Person

Yvonne went on without letting Jenny get a word in. “Alec brought me home to have dinner with
Grandpa because we’re going to be family soon and will be getting in touch more often. Do you

“Miss Dickman, you have asked the wrong person. I’m not interested in the fact that you’re family.”
Jenny rolled her eyes at Yvonne and went into the living room, ignoring the two. She didn’t say a word
to Alec or acknowledge him, as though he did not exist.


“Can’t you shut up?” He looked at Yvonne and admonished her with a cold voice. Currently, he was in a
foul mood, especially when he saw Jenny’s indifferent attitude. He almost ran to her and grabbed her,
asking what else he could do to matter to her.

Yvonne felt the iciness from his attitude, sending her trembling from head to toe. She understood that,
despite the rumors, Alec had never promised to marry her. Although he had not objected to the idea,
his vague response worried her, as she felt he would not forgive her.

Old Mr. Faust immediately beamed when Jenny appeared in the living room. “You’re here!” he said.”
You’re early today.”

“Yeah. I was off work early today.” She went up and sat beside him.

He had wanted to chat, but his face fell when he spotted Alec and Yvonne entering the house. He
scoffed and said to Alec, “Why did you bring her home? Is it to anger me?”

“She wanted to meet you, so I brought her home.” Alec wanted to clear the air by indirectly telling
Jenny that it was Yvonne who wanted to come to the Old Mansion. But Jenny didn’t care about the

explanation as she sipped on the tea that Warren prepared for her.

Sensing the hostility from Old Mr. Faust’s gaze, Yvonne bit the bullet and said, “Grandpa, you watched
me grow up. I am Alec’s childhood friend. Are you unhappy with me in any way?”

She was confused by Old Mr. Faust’s change in attitude because the old man once favored her.
However, he seemed unhappy when she was about to marry into the Faust Family.

“Hmph! You were like a granddaughter to me once. That’s why I was good to you. But now? Who do
you think you are? How dare you plot against my grandson? Did you think you could marry into the
family with those dirty tricks? Dream on!” Old Mr. Faust was direct and harsh without caring for
Yvonne’s feelings.

Yvonne was ashen after the scolding and was at a loss for words. She hadn’t anticipated Old Mr.
Faust’s animosity before visiting the Old Mansion. Considering her relationship with him in the past,
she hoped to receive his approval, but it all went south.

Old Mr. Faust did not let her interject. He declared, “The only granddaughter-in-law I’d approve of is
Jenny. No one else should dream of getting my approval and marrying into this family!”

Whatever plans Alec was brewing, Old Mr. Faust decided to be upfront from the start. It’d be great if
Yvonne could bow out after learning she wasn’t welcomed, but if she didn’t, he wouldn’t hesitate to take
further action.

Jenny, who had been sipping on her tea, was involuntarily dragged into the middle of the fight. She
could sense the hatred in Yvonne’s eyes. At first, she wanted to clarify, but she decided to stay quiet
because there was no point in explaining just to make Yvonne feel better. Instead, she smiled at
Yvonne, and that successfully fanned the fire.

Since Old Mr. Faust was around, Yvonne had to suppress her rage, a delightful sight for Jenny.

Meanwhile, Alec was staring at Jenny again. He snapped back to reality when Yvonne tugged at his

sleeve and stared at him with a pitiful expression.

“Let’s have dinner. We can talk after that,” he suggested.

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