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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 182

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Chapter 182 The House Has Collapsed!

A while later, Sam finally let go of Yvonne. He appeared hesitant to speak.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, sensing his hesitance.

After some thought, he decided to be upfront with her. “My dad had a talk with me just now. He said
that… we probably can’t bail out your family.”

“Why?” Yvonne gasped in shock. She married Sam because she needed their financial support.
Without it, the Dickmans would go bankrupt. She didn’t do all of that out of love for her family. She
merely understood that she had to protect them, for she would lose her standing in the Blooms if the
Dickmans went down.

Feeling guilty, Sam couldn’t bring himself to look her in the eyes. “Alec talked to my dad before, and he
said he’d bring down your family if we were to help you out. If we did nothing, he’d hold back too.”

All color drained from her face. She bit her lip hard and hissed, “Alec Faust!”

“Yvonne, don’t lose sleep over it. We should feel glad that Alec promises not to hurt your family.
Perhaps your dad could seek help from others in Parrington. I believe someone will lend a helping
hand,” Sam comforted her.

She smiled bitterly, knowing that no one could help them. Else, her family wouldn’t have landed in this
dire situation. She looked at Sam, incredulous that the man she looked down on was now her greatest

“Sam, would you look down on me if I’m no longer the daughter of a wealthy family?” she asked.

Without thinking, he shook his head. “Of course not! I don’t care about your status. I just want you by
my side.”

Yvonne felt conflicted and was in no mood to talk. She started planning her next step.

Jenny finally wrapped up her first day at the free clinic in Clearwater at 8 pm. To her surprise, she was
flooded with patients despite the small population. She was occupied from the morning until night and

on every single case that showed up. It was tiring but fulfilling.


After washing up, she lay in bed to read some books. Without an internet connection, that was her only.
pastime in the village. She felt dizzy the moment she opened the book. Turning around, she saw the
lamp on the headboard shaking violently. She froze for a second and came to a grim realization.

“It’s an earthquake!” She jumped off the bed and dashed to the first floor. There, she banged on the
door of the couple who ran the hotel and yelled, “Mr. Randall! There’s an earthquake!”

Soon, the door flung open. Mr. and Mrs. Randall were quick to react and told her, “Run! Go to the
village. hall! It has the flattest ground in this area!”

Then, the three of them sprinted to the village hall.

To their horror, the earthquake didn’t subside after a few minutes. Instead, they met with another quake
of a larger magnitude that caused them to stumble on flat ground. They couldn’t imagine what it was
like for the villagers in their houses.

“It collapsed! The house collapsed!” someone shrieked and slapped their thighs furiously. Ten villagers
had gathered on the ground in front of the village hall. Jenny stood there with the crowd as she

watched houses nearby collapse. Her heart sank.

As the earthquake strength, more villagers gathered on the flat ground. Everyone cowered in
horror and despair as they watched the collapsing structures around them.

“Look out!” Someone tried to warn the others seconds before the village hall collapsed in a huge boom.
Debris and rock rained down on the villagers.

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