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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 168

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Chapter 168 He’s Simply an Enemy

“Why would you bring him up?” It took Alec a while to finally regain his composure. Although he tried
his best to rein in his emotions, his tightly rolled fists suggested that he was furious.

Old Mr. Faust glanced at him and sighed. “Look at you. Even after all this while, you’re still agitated
when we talk about him. How will you face him if you ever run into him?”

“That’s an unnecessary concern. He’s simply an enemy to me.” For Alec, there was only one way of
dealing with his enemies.

An enemy?

Something crossed Old Mr. Faust’s mind, and he shook his head. “Alright. You should get going. And
settle this matter with the Dickmans as soon as possible.”

“Okay. Take care.” With that, Alec left the study.

When Alec arrived at Faust Mansion after he met with Old Mr. Faust, Jenny happened to return to
Perry Residence as well. She instantly spotted someone standing at her door when she stepped out of
the elevator. She approached the visitor, frowning.

“Miss Walter!” Yvonne had a smile on her face and appeared to be exhilarated. Her excitement was
understandable, for she was soon to marry Alec. Even if the Dickmans went bankrupt, she would be
protected from the consequences.

Jenny was upset at the thought, as she had initially tried to take down the Dickmans because of
Yvonne. She glanced at Yvonne. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing! I just wanted to talk.” Yvonne went up to her with a smile.

“But I have nothing to discuss with you,” Jenny politely rejected her and went ahead to open the door.
She did not want to waste time on her.

Yvonne persisted and followed closely behind her. “You’re Alec’s ex-wife, and I will be his second. Is
there nothing to be discussed between us? I think we have some shared topics.”

“It’s about Alec, after all,” Jenny thought. Speechless, she replied, “I’m his ex-wife, which means I have
no relationship with him at all.” Had Yvonne wanted to discuss the Dickmans’ situation, Jenny might
have had something to offer. But she wanted to talk about Alec, and Jenny had nothing to discuss with

When Jenny opened the door, Yvonne followed her into the apartment. “Have you read the news
online? Last night, Alec and I shared a bed. We’re going to have a wedding soon. Miss Walter, you’ll be
there to congratulate us. Right?”

Jenny poured herself a glass of water and sat on the sofa. She didn’t show any response to Yvonne’s
announcement. “Sure. I will. But do you think you’ll be spared after you marry him? You and I are not


After she was wrongly accused of Steven’s murder, Jenny had to hold Yvonne culpable. Even after
Jonathan Flynn had confessed to the murder, everyone knew that Yvonne was the real mastermind
behind the incident. For that, Jenny would want to get even with her.

Yvonne understood what Jenny was implying but wasn’t worried about it. “Do you still think you’re my
match after I married Alec?”

“Was that an admission?” Jenny stared at Yvonne, who started feigning innocence. “What admission?”
Jenny shook her head and chuckled. “You’d better pray that you could marry him. Else, you’d lose any

form of support when your family goes bankrupt. You know very well what that means.’

Finally, Yvonne paled upon hearing Jenny’s threat. “As long as you don’t be a bitch and remarry him, I
will become his wife!” she hissed, gritting her teeth.

Jenny smirked and raised a brow at her. “Are you saying you can’t marry him if Alec and I remarry?”


“That’s a good idea. I will carefully consider it.” Her smile sent a chill down Yvonne’s spine.

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