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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 189

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Chapter 189 You’re Not Invincible

Justin, about your parents…” Jenny stared at the sensible child in front of him as she struggled to
explain the death of his parents.

Compared to her, he was more forthright on the topic. “I know that Mommy and Daddy went to heaven.
They became stars and will look after Lilian and me from the sky.”

She was taken aback. “Stars?”

“Yes, Alec told me that.” The five-year-old nodded. He was too young to grasp the concept of death.

‘Does Alec have a soft side to him?” Jenny wondered. Right then, Alec walked into the tent, and they
looked at each other. She asked, “Has the rescue ended?”

“Yes, for now.” He nodded. “Without more advanced detectors, we can’t tell where the buried victims
are. We can only wait for the rescue team to arrive.”

After a day’s hard work, everyone was tired to the bone. It was counterproductive to request that they
blindly search for victims. The best thing everyone could do was to wait.

The fact weighed heavily on her heart. She understood that Alec was stating the facts, but the thought
of people buried alive under the rubble dampened her mood.

Alec gave Justin a piece of candy and caressed his head. “Go find Lilian. Okay?”


After Justin left, Alec and Jenny were alone in the tent. He comforted her, “I understand your feeling as
a doctor who wants to save every single soul. But please know that you’re not invincible.”

She pursed her lips and forced a smile. “Don’t worry. I understand.”

“Your injuries…”

“It’s no big deal.”

Silence ensued. A long pause later, he said, “I went to dinner with Yvonne that night because it’d be
hard to turn her down as a long-time acquaintance. I never thought she’d drug me.”

Jenny was surprised that he’d bring up Yvonne’s issue at this moment. She didn’t know how to feel

Noticing her silence, he went on, “Since you have no internet access, you probably didn’t know that
Yvonne recently married Sam Bloom.”

“She married Sam Bloom?” Jenny thought to herself as she appeared in shock and disbelief. “Why?”
she asked. Although she was not personally acquainted with Sam Bloom, she had heard of him before.
After all, the Blooms were well-known in Parrington and were on the same level as the Fausts.

“George Dickman always wanted help from the Blooms. It so happens that Sam is interested in
Yvonne. Since both families wanted something from each other, the arranged marriage didn’t come as
a surprise,” Alec explained.

Jenny frowned, troubled by the realization that she couldn’t lay a finger on Yvonne, who had married
into the Blooms. She had total confidence in Max and Gilbert to take over the Dickmans’ business, but
it would be hard for them to acquire a larger combined entity now that the Blooms were involved. Even
if they wanted to, they might make enemies by taking over businesses consecutively.

“I know you don’t like Yvonne, but it’s hard for you to make a move on her now that she’s married into

Blooms,” Alec reminded Jenny, but he offered, “If you really want to make a move on her, I can help

“You?” She gave him an amused look. “Are you going to spare her after what she did to you?”

“I’m working with Max Pearson and Gilbert Hawthorn. If they share a portion of the Dickmans’ assets
with me, I will get the Blooms to stop bailing out the Dickmans,” Alec replied. When the Dickmans went
down, Yvonne might be put in an uneasy position.

“Is that all?” She lifted an eyebrow.

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