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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 199

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Chapter 199 I Never Give Up

On the private plane back to Parrington, Jenny smiled as she watched Justin and Lilian, who were
sitting beside her. In the end, the two children chose to leave Clearwater Village with her. Jenny knew
that they did this because they trusted her.

Meanwhile, Alec was dealing with work. It seemed that many work matters had accumulated over the
past few days.

Jenny leaned back in her seat, wondering how she would face him from now on. He had let go of
everything when he heard she might be in an accident.

Could she really be with him? That was a question she never thought about. After all, she thought that
she would never have to interact with Alec for the rest of her life when they filed for divorce.

Somehow, after her divorce, not only did she still meet him frequently, but he was also pursuing her. It
made her feel rather uncomfortable. She tried to make sense of the situation but eventually fell asleep.
When Jenny woke up, she found Alec next to her. His eyes were also closed, deep in sleep. Her heart
started beating fast for a reason she couldn’t explain seeing his face so close to hers. She held her
breath for fear of waking him from his sleep.

However, Alec opened his eyes at that moment and looked at Jenny. Embarrassed that she was
caught, her face turned red, and she quickly turned away. “Are you awake?”

“Yeah.” He nodded, his lips curling into a small smile. He had seen how Jenny reacted.

“How long till we reach Parrington?” Jenny asked in an attempt to change the subject. The flush in her
cheeks was slowly fading.

When Alec glanced at Vincent, he quickly replied, “We’ll reach soon.”

“Thank you.” Jenny nodded to him in thanks before looking straight ahead. Even though she knew Alec
was looking at her, she dared not meet his gaze.

After a long while, Alec asked softly with a smile, “Are you shy?”

“Shy? Me? I’m not shy.” She immediately denied it, thinking that she was never shy.

Alec didn’t argue with her. Instead, he asked, “Can you give me some tips on how to make you my
girlfriend?” Although Jenny gave him a chance, Alec, who had never pursued a girl before, didn’t quite
know what to do.

Jenny didn’t expect him to ask her about it directly. She paused for a brief awkward moment before
shaking her head. “Well, things like these depend on the person’s feelings. I suggest you give up, Mr.

“Give up?” Alec chuckled. “That phrase doesn’t exist in my dictionary.”

“Right.” Jenny rolled her eyes at him before turning her attention away.

Soon, the plane landed, and they deboarded the plane. Justin and Lilian followed Jenny timidly as they
peered around them with wide-eyed curiosity. They grew up in Clearwater Village and had never been
to such a big, bustling city. Everything around them was strange and wonderful yet so unfamiliar.

Jenny held their hands and encouraged them, saying, “Don’t be afraid.”

Her warm hands comforted the kids. With that, they followed Jenny out of the airport and got in the car
that Alec had prepared.

“Where are you going?” Alec asked.

“To Perry Residence,” Jenny replied. “They will stay with me first, and I’ll look for an adoptive family for
them after I settle down.”

“Since I suggested it, let me do it,” Alec replied. He didn’t want Jenny to tire herself out.

Jenny didn’t insist on doing it herself as she knew that Alec was more capable than her in that aspect.
Alright, thank you.”

“You don’t need to thank me.” He looked at her with a gaze full of affection.

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