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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 197

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Chapter 197 What a Heartless Woman

Surprisingly, Jenny was a little worried. She walked to his bed and asked, “Your head hurts? It shouldn’t
be hurting. I remember that your head was not injured when I checked it. Why would it hurt?”

“I don’t know. Maybe there’s an internal injury?” Alec said.

Instantly, Jenny turned solemn. An internal injury was rather dire. “Don’t move. Let me check your head

She was worried and afraid that she hadn’t checked carefully. Alec sat on the bed as Jenny loomed
over him, bending down just enough to see the crown of his head. Then, she started pawing through
his hair, determined to see every inch of his scalp clearly. However, no matter how hard she checked,
she found no injuries. Jenny was puzzled.

“That doesn’t make sense. Even if it’s a cerebral hemorrhage, there should be marks left by the impact.
It’s impossible that there’s nothing,” she muttered, oblivious to the smile playing on Alec’s lips.

He leaned back, moving his head out of her sight.

“Don’t move-” Jenny said, but she noticed Alec’s strange smile. Finally, she realized what was going
on. You tricked me!”

“No, I really did have a bit of a headache, but it wasn’t serious.” He shook his head, too afraid to admit
the truth.

Jenny didn’t believe him one bit. She shot him a glare and was about to turn around and leave when
Alec grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms, saying, “Don’t leave. If you leave, my head will hurt


“You’re so shameless!” Jenny said through gritted teeth, trying to break free from his strong embrace.
As soon as she struggled, Alec complained that his arm hurt. Jenny was frustrated, but she didn’t dare
to move. After all, Alec’s arm was still in a cast. Trapped in his arms, she felt both anxious and angry.
“Let me go.”

“No.” Not only did he not let go, but he also tightened his hug. “I’m afraid that once I let go, you will


“Jenny,” he interrupted her. “Do you know how I panicked when I learned that you were buried
underground? I was afraid that I would never see you again.”

For once, Jenny was silent. She even stopped struggling.

“I hated myself for not arriving sooner. I could’ve been by your side earlier, but I was so tied up by my
company’s trivial matters that I almost never saw you again.”

His sincerity touched her a little. “It’s not that serious,” she said.

Smiling wryly, Alec replied, “It may be that way to you. After all, you never cared about my feelings.”

Jenny wanted to deny it. However, she couldn’t bring herself to as it was true. Alec continued to talk,
and Jenny was starting to nod off, her mind taking in fewer and fewer of his words. For the past few
days, she hardly rested and rarely had the chance to sleep. Soon, fatigue overcame her. Before she
realized it, she was asleep.

When Alec was done speaking his thoughts, he turned to her. However, the person in his arms was
sound asleep. At that moment, Alec felt a strong urge to fling her to the ground.

“What a heartless woman,” he muttered. Although he was a little exasperated, he couldn’t bear to wake
her up. After all, it was a rare sight to see Jenny lying quietly in his arms, and Alec wished that time
would stop so that she would sleep in his arms a little longer.

Meanwhile, Vincent stood outside the door. There was no way he would enter if Jenny was there. He
could already imagine the death glare from Alec if he did.

When Justin and Lilian came looking for Jenny, Vincent stopped them in time. “Hey, kids, let’s not
disturb them.”

“Why? Are they exchanging secrets?” the kids asked because they knew secrets were not meant to be

After a moment of thought, Vincent nodded. “Why yes, they’re exchanging secrets, so we can’t go in
and disturb them.”

With that, the kids nodded naively and waited outside with Vincent. Little did they know they would end
up waiting for an entire night.

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