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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 201

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Chapter 201 Do You Want to Be With Him?

“Right?” Zack nodded immediately, his curiosity aroused. “When we heard about the earthquake, we
were about to head over immediately, but you called to tell us not to come because Alec was there.”

For one, why was Alec there? Also, why couldn’t they go because Alec was there?

Seeing how they were staring at her, Jenny knew it would be more trouble if she didn’t explain the
situation clearly.

Sighing helplessly, she replied, “After Alec arrived, the situation wasn’t dangerous anymore. I thought
you guys would come, so I called you not to, hoping that you would focus on dealing with the Dickmans
instead. This way, the Dickmans wouldn’t have any chance to escape.”

It was Alec’s satellite phone that she had used to call Gilbert, mainly because she didn’t want them to
waste their time.

Gilbert disagreed with her, a little unhappy. “Do you think there is no danger just because he’s there?
Why do you trust him so much?”

Jenny paused, sensing his hostile tone. “Hey, I didn’t mean it that way. I just-”

“Your attitude toward Alec has changed a lot. Is it because he saved you?” Gilbert asked, feeling
uneasy. After a moment of silence, Jenny nodded. “He changed my view of him this time.”

It wasn’t just that Alec had saved her; he had also put himself in danger to save others. It was a side of
Alec Jenny didn’t know existed.

“So, do you want to be with him now?” Gilbert asked, a cold, stoic expression plastered on his face.
Despite that, he was about to be overwhelmed by his emotions.

He regretted not rushing over to Clearwater Village after receiving her news. If he had, things might be

Jenny was taken aback, not expecting her brother to say that. When she recovered, she shook her
head. Impossible. It’s just a change in my impression of him,”

“But you don’t hate him anymore, do you?” Gilbert asked. If she didn’t hate him, she would end up
liking him. Then, it would only be a matter of time before they ended up together.

Unaware of his thoughts, she nodded. “Yeah, I don’t hate him anymore.”

Gilbert looked at her in silence for a long time, failing to find the words to say.

Meanwhile, Zack couldn’t understand why his brother was so angry. Although he didn’t like Alec that
much, he thought it would be fine as long as Jenny liked him.

“Jenny, my company’s grand opening is happening the day after tomorrow. You must attend it.” Zack
took out the invitation card and handed it to her.

Jenny was a little surprised as she took the card. “So quick? I thought you would still need more time.”
“It isn’t that quick.” He avoided meeting Jenny’s eyes as Alec had a lot to do with his company’s early

“I’ll definitely attend the launch. After all, I must support my brother.” Jenny placed the invitation aside,
her mood much better than before.

Currently, both her brothers were running their own businesses. Once she launched her fashion design
company, they would all be busy. She believed that one day, all three of them would be invited to the

same business function.

Little did Jenny know that would be the last time the three of them would have such a peaceful,

harmonious gathering. The days to come were nothing like the present.

“Jenny, I’d like you to be my company’s technical consultant. What do you think?”

Jenny’s skills were better than his. Hence, Zack felt his company would have a more stable footing if
she joined.

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