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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 205

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Chapter 205 Don’t Put Yourself in Danger

Gilbert’s back tensed up when he heard Zach’s words. He looked at him in disbelief and asked, “Zach,
what are you trying to say?”

He couldn’t believe that Zach might know about his secret. He had been trying to keep it hidden from
everyone, even Jenny, so how could Zach possibly know? Gilbert’s heart was pounding; he didn’t know
how to react. Should he admit the truth or deny it?

Zach noticed Gilbert’s anxious expression and worried he might be right. He decided to drop the topic
and said, “It was just a thought. Nothing important.”

He didn’t want to ruin everything by bringing up something that could potentially harm the relationship
between the three of them. 1

Gilbert continued cooking and replied with a simple “Oh.”

He was relieved that Zach didn’t press the issue further. He thought Zach might have guessed his
secret but chose not to expose it. It showed that he still cared about their brotherhood.

The atmosphere during the meal was unpleasant, and Jenny couldn’t help but notice that her two
brothers were in a bad mood. Although she didn’t know the reason behind it, she thought she might be
overthinking it.

After dinner, the two left, and Jenny finally got a good night’s sleep. However, her peaceful sleep was
interrupted by a call from Alec, and she tried her best not to curse upon seeing his name on her phone.
“What do you want?” she snapped.

Alec was taken aback by her tone, feeling as if he had returned to the time when Jenny disliked him

“Is everything okay? Are you upset?” he asked cautiously, wondering if returning to Parrington had
changed anything.

Jenny realized her tone was harsh, but she was too tired to be polite. “I’m fine, just tired and want to
sleep. “she grumbled.

“Okay, sorry for bothering you. Get some rest, I’ll come to see you tomorrow,” Alec replied,
understanding the situation.

“No, I have something to do tomorrow,” Jenny refused as she promised to have lunch with Yvonne.
“What is it?”

“Yvonne invited me for lunch. I had no choice but to accept her invitation.” She didn’t intend to hide it,
and it wasn’t anything she couldn’t talk about. After all, she was sure Alec would find out if he wanted

Hearing that, Alec frowned. “She invited you to dinner?”

“Yes, I couldn’t refuse her because she brought Sam along with her.” Although she didn’t know what
Yvonne was up to, Jenny didn’t care.


go with you tomorrow.” Alec didn’t stop her from going; he knew how headstrong Jenny was, so the
most he could do was stay by her side.

Jenny sighed softly. “There’s no need. She wouldn’t dare to do anything to me. At least, that is the case
for now.”

“Maybe you’re right, but what if?” Alec asked. Before Jenny could reply, he continued, “Jenny, I hope
you’ll never put yourself in danger.”

His sudden show of concern made Jenny a little uncomfortable. It felt weird to her. “I’m not a three-
year- old child. I don’t need you to remind me.”

“You do act like a child sometimes.” Alec chuckled.

Jenny was exasperated. “No, I don’t. Stop with the nonsense.”

At that moment, she yawned again. She was feeling so sleepy that she couldn’t stifle her yawn.

“Rest well. Sweet dreams.” Alec decided to get out of her hair, knowing she hadn’t had a good rest

Jenny grunted and murmured a good night. Then, she ended the call and went straight to sleep.

After the call ended, Alec’s expression was solemn.

Why would Yvonne invite Jenny to a meal? No matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t imagine it
being a good thing.

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