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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 206

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Chapter 206 What Are You Doing?

Thinking about it, Alec dialed Vincent’s number. “Keep an eye on the Blooms. I want to know
everything they do, especially Sam.”

After speaking, Alec hung up, rubbing his forehead in exhaustion. However, there were still piles of files
in front of him, and he couldn’t go back to rest immediately, so he buried himself in work.

The next morning, Jenny woke up feeling energized. After making arrangements for Justin and Lilian,
she went to the hospital to work. In light of her recent experience with the earthquake, the hospital
made it. mandatory for her to take a few days off. Even though she felt she didn’t need it, the hospital
insisted on

Having left work early, Jenny had nowhere to go. Just then, Stephanie called her.

“Jenny, are you okay?” she asked. Her tone was rather casual, and she didn’t sound concerned.

Feigning anger, Jenny replied, “Luckily, I’m fine. If something had happened to me, do you think calling
me after so long would help?”

Stephanie was a little embarrassed. “Well, I knew you were fine.”

When she learned about the earthquake in Clearwater Village, Stephanie wanted to rush there
immediately. However, Paul told her that Alec had already gone there and that nothing would happen to
Jenny with him around. Although she was still worried, he didn’t allow her to leave. He even made
someone watch over her, not letting her leave the house.

She was only calling Jenny now because Paul had informed her that Jenny had returned to Parrington,
so she wanted to confirm that she was fine.

“Where are you? Let’s have lunch together,” Jenny suggested. She had nothing to do, and it had been
a while since she had invited Stephanie to lunch.

However, Stephanie hesitated, glancing at Paul who was sitting opposite her. There was no way he
would let her go.

“I have something to do today,” Stephanie replied. “Let me treat you another day.”

Jenny frowned, sensing something amiss. “What’s wrong? What are you doing, Stephanie?”

Before Stephanie could answer, a male voice answered for her. “She’s with me, Miss Walter. Why are
you asking? Do you want to join us?”

Jenny was dumbfounded. “Who are you?” she asked.

Stephanie never told her the name of that man. However, Paul hung up right after. When Jenny tried to
call her again, Stephanie’s phone was already turned off.

Upset, Jenny grumbled, “Good luck dealing with your boyfriend’s bad temper, Stephanie. We’ll see how
you fare!”

With that, she put the matter aside as she knew that Stephanie was not in danger. Then, she hailed a
taxi to the welfare home to inquire if they had any suitable adopters.

Meanwhile, in Paul’s villa, Stephanie watched as Paul ended her call with Jenny and turned off her
phone in anger.

“What are you doing? Jeriny is my friend!” She glared at him, finding his actions too domineering.

However, Paul paid no heed to her words. He walked over to her, bent down, and lifted her chin. “No

friend is as important as your own man. Do you understand?”

“My man? Who are you to me? My boyfriend?” Stephanie sneered, her words laced with a hint of fury.

Paul had not properly defined their relationship, making Stephanie feel like she was his mistress.
Although she liked him very much, she no longer wanted to continue her situationship with him. She
planned to cut her losses in time, but she hadn’t figured out how to tell him yet.

When she brought up that question, Paul’s expression turned ugly. “That’s just a label. Do you really
care that much about it? Would it make you happier if I said I was your boyfriend?”

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