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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 211

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Chapter 211 I Want You to Protect Me

Alec took Jenny seriously and no longer stood between her and Yvonne. But Yvonne didn’t act out
anymore, not daring to take another step.

She knew that Jenny was true to her words. If she rushed over, Jenny wouldn’t hesitate to smack her

She cried pitifully. This time, her tears were real. She turned and rushed into Sam’s arms. “Sam, it

Sam looked at her flushed face, feeling his heart ache. He glared at Jenny. “Do you think you’re
invincible, Jenny Walter? The Blooms are nothing to be looked down upon!”

“You’re right, Sam. But she’s the one who said that I hit her first. How could I admit to something I
haven’t done? Well, I can, now. I admit that I hit her.” Jenny threw her hands into the air, implying she
was forced into doing it.

“Jenny Walter!” Sam roared. But that was all he could do. With Alec around, he couldn’t do anything to
her. Jenny shrugged, looking nonchalant. “I understand that you like her, Sam. But we need to take the
rose- tinted glasses off. You wouldn’t even know if you’re being used like a tool.”

“What do you mean?” Sam frowned.

Jenny didn’t elaborate. She looked at Alec. “Let’s go. We can’t finish dinner like this.” 1

“Alright.” Alec nodded and left the restaurant with her.

Once they were long gone, Yvonne let her tears flow freely. “Sam, they’re huge bullies. I can’t let this

“But Yvonne, Jenny has Alec backing her up. We can’t…we can’t do anything.” Sam thought Jenny
was a huge bully, too, but he couldn’t square off against the Fausts.

It was as if Yvonne expected this answer from him. She wasn’t surprised at all, instead saying, “So
what if they’re the Fausts? You’re the heir of the Blooms. You’re not that much worse.”

Sam was happy to hear her say that, but it was just an emotion. He had to face the reality of it. “My
father would never agree.”

Sam knew that the chances of victory against the Fausts were slim. He knew his father’s personality.

“Sam, my parents never liked me. I know they’ll never have my back. But…I want you to protect me.”
Yvonne looked at him with hope and a tinge of disappointment.

“But I…” Sam felt helpless. He had no deciding power in the Blooms.

Seeing this, Yvonne said, “You’re their eldest son. You should be inheriting the company soon. Your
parents are going to grow old. You can’t keep relying on them. Look at Alec and Max. They started
controlling their families’ companies at a young age. Your abilities aren’t that far off from theirs. Why
can’t you

do it? If you’re worried about your skills, I can help you. You know of my power in the Dickmans before
this. With me, you can rise in the Blooms. When that time comes, even Alec will have to bow down to

In Jenny’s eyes, Yvonne’s motive for tonight was sabotage. But what Yvonne wanted was for Sam to
decide to inherit the Blooms. If those old farts kept controlling them, she would be powerless.

If she wanted to fight against Jenny, she had to first control the Blooms.

“Can I really do it?” Sam was uncertain.

“You can. With me.” Yvonne nodded. She knew he was moved and said, “You can’t keep watching me

bullied. You promised to protect me when we got married.”

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