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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 213

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Chapter 213 You Think Grandpa’s Lying?

Alec wasn’t expecting that question from Jenny. He thought it was weird, too, but because it was his
grandfather, he didn’t prod into the matter. He believed his grandfather wouldn’t hurt him.

Now that Jenny was asking the question, he grew serious. “What if he’s right? We are quite suited for


Jenny was speechless. “Can you take this seriously?” Jenny rolled her eyes at him, speaking crossly.

“Fine.” Alec nodded, no longer teasing her. “Which part of it do you think is weird?”

“I can’t quite describe it. I just think that it’s weird that he keeps insisting on it. There are so many
eligible. women in Parrington, but he insists that we’re suited for each other. It just seems so far-
fetched.” She felt that his words were not grounded in reality.

Alec didn’t retort. He had his doubts before. “So, you think my grandfather is lying?”

“That’s not what I meant,” Jenny hurriedly explained. “I’m just curious to know why.”

“It’s okay. I couldn’t figure it out either.” Alec smiled and said, “But after I met you, I thought maybe his
words had some truth.”

Jenny was silent for a moment, considering things. Then, she sighed exasperatedly. “Maybe. After all,
no one knows what he’s really thinking.”

They no longer talked about it. There were no conclusions drawn. Unless they flat out asked the old
man about it, he wouldn’t let them know that easily.

After their meal, Jenny and Alec went to the Old Mansion and accompanied the old man throughout
dinner. Jenny went back to her apartment after that.

The next day, Zack’s business officially launched. It was to be held at a hotel. Jenny had dressed
herself and prepared to head over to help out.

When she got down, she was surprised to see Alec’s car parked by the road. It looked like he had been
waiting for a while.

“Why are you here?” Jenny asked, walking over.

“Waiting for you.” Alec opened the door for her. “Zack’s having his business launch, isn’t he? He invited

me over, too.”

“Zack invited you?” Jenny couldn’t quite believe it. Since when were they so close?

Alec nodded, smiling. He didn’t say much. “There’s no beef between us, and we’re all going to be

businessmen in the future. Wouldn’t that make it normal to invite me?”

Jenny, however, thought that Zack wasn’t such a generous person.

“Get in. We can’t be late,” Alec said.

Jenny didn’t decline. She got into the car, and they headed for the hotel.

There was quite a crowd at the hotel. Although the people were not quite familiar with Zack, they knew

Gilbert well. Once they found out he was Gilbert’s brother, they felt obligated to come.

People hadn’t taken it seriously at first, but once they saw Alec’s arrival, they were stunned.

Did Zack and Alec know each other?

At once, everyone understood. It was because Jenny, too, got down the car. When they saw her,

realization dawned upon them.

Quite a few people in Parrington knew that Jenny, Gilbert, and Zack had become siblings. And if Alec
successfully won Jenny over, he would have to call Gilbert and Zack his brothers. Now that it was
viewed this way, his appearance seemed less out of the ordinary.

The people who sucked up to Zack grew in number as if he were a rising star in Parrington.

“Gilbert, Zack,” Jenny greeted them as she walked over,

They responded in kind. When they saw Alec by her side, their expressions shifted, especially Gilbert’s.
However, they didn’t say anything.

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