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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 214

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Chapter 214 III at ease

“Congratulations, Zack. You’re going to do so well,” Jenny congratulated him.

Zack seemed a little tipsy. His cheeks were tinged with a shade of red. “Don’t worry, Jenny. I won’t let
you down.”

“Let’s just go in,” Gilbert said.

They began heading toward the hall. It was swarming with guests.

“I didn’t think you knew so many people, Zack,” Jenny said. “So many people came to support your
business.” She looked around carefully. Quite a few of them were big names in Parrington, and she
was surprised.

Zack was a little embarrassed. He scratched his head, saying, “Everyone’s here because of Gilbert.
Not a lot of them know me.”

He knew where he stood. Without Gilbert, Zack was nothing. At least, that was true right now.

Of course, he had faith that if he worked hard, he would create a promising future for himself. When
that happened, people would no longer refer to him as Gilbert’s brother and call him by his name.

They talked for a bit, and then Zack went back to the entrance to greet guests.

Gilbert eyed Alec and said, “Why don’t you get a drink?

Alec looked at Jenny intently, as if asking for her opinion.

Feeling his gaze, Jenny said, “You can go. I’m going to sit for a while.”

Gilbert and Alec were both people in the business field. They had obligations to fulfill. Jenny didn’t want
to affect them because of her presence.

Hearing her words, Alec didn’t object. He nodded at Gilbert, saying, “Well, don’t mind if I do.”

It so happened that Alec wanted to see for himself what Gilbert was up to. Gilbert couldn’t possibly be
simply inviting him over for a drink.

Jenny found herself a seat and drank the juice that she had with her. When sweeping her gaze over the
crowd, a figure appeared before her.

She looked up. The girl had on a full face of delicate makeup, and she was dressed fashionably.
However, Jenny didn’t know her.

“Are you Gilbert’s sister?” the girl said a little haughtily. There was no reason for someone to dislike her.
Jenny said nothing, not wishing to entertain her.

The girl, however, sat next to her as if they knew each other already. She introduced herself. “I’m
Marigold Wagner, a friend of your brother’s.”


Jenny noticed her name immediately.

There was only one family named Wagner in Parrington. They were the lords of the city’s underworld.
People wanted to be on good terms with them, but they feared getting too close.

“You’re Jenny, aren’t you? i heard from Gilbert that you guys get along really well.” She looked at
Jenny, not caring that Jenny had yet to acknowledge her.

Jenny considered it for a while and thought Marigold probably didn’t have ill intentions. She answered,”
Yeah, we’re pretty close.”

“Could you do me a favor?” Marigold looked at Jenny expectantly.

Jenny’s heart thumped hard. She felt ill at ease.

like your brother. Could you tell him to give me a chance?” Marigold said.

When Jenny heard that Marigold liked Gilbert, she found that she wasn’t too surprised about it. When
she came toward her, she already had a feeling that it would be this. Now, it was confirmed.

“Could you? I swear that I truly do like him. I’ll prove it to him if he just gives me a chance!” Marigold
was nervous when Jenny stayed silent. She couldn’t help thinking that they were indeed siblings. They
were both so cold.

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