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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 216

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Chapter 216 The Devil Himself

“She likes you, but you already know that.” Marigold had turned to Jenny for help because she most
definitely had already told Gilbert about how she felt but was faced with his rejection.

Gilbert scoffed. “Likes me? Who knows if it’s a trap set by the Wagners? They’ve always done

underhanded things to achieve their goals.”

Were the Wagners that pathetic? Before Jenny could think of a reason, Alec walked over. “That’s not
right of you to say, Gilbert. Who hasn’t done underhanded things in the business world? And that
includes you.”

Marigold stood next to Alec, her eyes reddened. Evidently, she had heard Gilbert’s words.

“I quite forgot that you’re close with the Wagners, Mr. Faust, especially with Paul Wagner. People even
say that you’re like brothers. Of course you’d stick up for them,” Gilbert said sarcastically. His words
implied that he turned up his nose at the Wagners, and now, even Alec.

Alec didn’t deny it and said, “So what if we’re close? Do you have something to say?”

“What can I say?” Gilbert sneered. “There’s a saying, birds of a feather flock together. With all that time
spent with Paul, I fear you’ve become like him, Mr. Faust.”

“How could you say that about my brother, Gilbert? What has he ever done?” Marigold couldn’t bear to
hear this anymore. Out of the Wagners, she and Paul were the closest. She couldn’t bear to hear
someone else speak ill of him.

Gilbert glanced at her coldly. “Your brother? You should be asking about what he hasn’t done. How do
you think he inherited the Wagners? He has blood on his hands. What’s the difference between him

and the devil? And you dare to ask me what he’s done.”

Marigold wasn’t well-versed in what her family did. She didn’t know how Paul took charge of the
Wagners, either. She just thought that he was amazing. But now, hearing what Gilbert had said, she felt

One was her brother, and one was her crush. For a moment, she didn’t know whom to trust.

Alec glanced at Gilbert and then said to Marigold, “Even if there’s blood on your brother’s hands, it’s
the blood of the damned. He has done nothing wrong.”

As Paul’s good friend of many years, Alec understood him well. At the same time, he worried about
him. Out of all the Wagners, only Marigold treated Paul as her own brother. If Paul had a soft spot, it
would be his sister. Alec thought that if Marigold were to take someone else’s side and snub him, Paul
would go


“Alright. I understand.” Marigold nodded. She wouldn’t actually be swayed by Gilbert’s words and turn
on her brother.

Jenny listened to everything that they said. She was just curious to know what Paul was like. Gilbert’s
face was full of disdain. No matter how much they tried to clear Paul’s name, he would always remain
as the devil to Gilbert.

“Let’s go, Jenny.” Gilbert was about to pull Jenny away with him.

But then Marigold stopped them from leaving, particularly Gilbert. “I didn’t know that you felt so strongly
about the Wagners. I thought that you just didn’t like me. I know about it now. That’s why I’m still not
giving up. I’m going to show you that the Wagners are not as bad as you think. At least not all of us.”

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