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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 218

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Chapter 218 Stephanie’s Lie

“Stephanie? Didn’t she come here with you?” Mr. Walker looked bewildered. “A few days ago, she said
she was going to stay over at your place. You didn’t know?”

Jenny was stunned. Stephanie hadn’t mentioned anything like that.

“Something happened to you, right? Once you got back, Stephanie said she was going to keep you
company for a few days. I figured that since you’d been through an earthquake, you’d need the
support. So I didn’t think too much of it and let her go,” Mr. Walker continued.

Jenny didn’t answer. She remembered how Stephanie had called her to check in on her but had not
come to see her. Jenny thought that she was busy, but that wasn’t the case, apparently.

Her silence made Mr. Walker nervous. “What’s wrong? Didn’t she go to see you?”

“No. She gave me a call but never visited. I thought she was busy, so I didn’t think too much of it.” Who
would have known that Stephanie told her father she was coming to see her? Wasn’t this a blatant lie?

Now Mr. Walker was truly nervous. He called Stephanie at once, but the robotic voice coming from the
other end made his heart sink. “The number you have called is unavailable.”

“Where would she go if she didn’t go to see you?” Mr. Walker was worried that something had
happened to his daughter.

Jenny comforted him, “Don’t panic, Mr. Walker. Maybe she’s just busy, and her phone happened to be
turned off.”

“But why did she lie to me?” Stephanie clearly hadn’t gone to Jenny’s place, yet she had told him she

Jenny couldn’t think of a reason, either. She was quiet for a bit, and then she suddenly remembered
Stephanie’s secret boyfriend, whom she had never met.

Technically, he wasn’t her boyfriend because Stephanie had mentioned that he didn’t put a name to
their relationship.

Jenny had no choice but to ask, “Stephanie has a crush on someone. Did you know that?”

“A crush?” Mr. Walker was surprised. “I don’t. She never told me about it. Who is it? What’s his name?
I’m going to get someone to find him at once.” Mr. Walker sensed that if his daughter had a crush on
someone, her lie would have something to do with it. She had probably gone to see her boyfriend.

He was frustrated and worried at the same time.

But Jenny shook her head. “I don’t know who it is, either. Stephanie never let me see him. I just know
that someone like that exists.”

Now Mr. Walker was panicking. He no longer cared about her lie, only that he wanted to find her.

“I’m going to find her.” Mr. Walker headed toward the exit. He was no longer in the mood to attend the


Jenny didn’t stop him. She turned to look for Zack and Gilbert. They had to find Stephanie. Nothing
else mattered now.

“Zack.” Jenny looked at him, and seeing how tipsy he was, she grew worried.

“What’s up, Jenny?” Gilbert sensed her urgency.

Jenny told them everything she knew about Stephanie’s situation, and she looked at Zack. “Zack, I
remember I told you to investigate the men close to Stephanie before. Did you find any clues?”

Zack sobered up a little. He thought about it and shook his head exasperatedly. “I couldn’t find
anything. He’s not someone to be underestimated. He wiped out all traces of him and Stephanie

Jenny frowned. “Gilbert, send some people over to help me. We need to take the idiotic route.”

“Alright.” Gilbert nodded. He knew how close Jenny and Stephanie were and took this matter seriously.

“I’m going to the police station so that we have police officers on the lookout, too. The more, the better.”
Jenny walked toward the exit. The worry in her heart increased tenfold.

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