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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 230

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Chapter 230 Fire Them All

When Jenny walked into the meeting room, most of the people were already in there. When they saw
her walking in, they were all nervous. They didn’t know what to expect.

Jenny sat at the end of the table and looked at the clerk next to her. “Is everyone here?”

“Yes. Most of them are here,” the clerk replied.

“Most of them?” Jenny raised her eyebrows.

The clerk couldn’t help panicking when Jenny looked at her like that. “A few designers aren’t here yet.
They said…they said…”

“Said what?” Jenny asked. She didn’t expect things to go smoothly on her first day, so she wasn’t
surprised by this.

“They said that even if you’re their boss, they won’t take orders from you because they’re the pillars of
the company,” the clerk said in a soft voice, afraid Jenny would be mad. She didn’t know why she was
so afraid of Jenny when she looked so friendly. She felt there was an air about her that screamed

“The pillars of the company?” Jenny was amused. If they were that important, the company wouldn’t
have been so much in debt. “Fire them all,” she said calmly, with no hesitation. She was very calm, but
everyone else looked horrified.

Fired, just like that? Those were the designers. Who’d be doing the designs in the future?

They all had several questions swimming in their heads, but they dared not ask for fear of being the
next to be fired.

Jenny didn’t dwell on the designers for long. “Who is in charge of the finance department?” she asked.

“I am.” A middle-aged man raised his hand shakily.

“Tell everyone about the company’s finances right now,” Jenny ordered.

He did not refuse. Quickly, he told everyone about the company’s situation, and their expressions were

So, the company had not only been losing money, but it was also deeply in debt. It was no wonder that
they hadn’t been paid in months. Now, they were no longer worried about what would happen in the
future; they were concerned about whether their salaries would be paid.

Jenny only spoke when they were done discussing amongst themselves. “This is what the company is
going through now. If anyone wishes to leave, you can do so at any time. Your salaries and
compensations will be transferred into your accounts with no cent left behind.”

They began speaking, but Jenny wasn’t finished.

“But, if you choose to stay, everyone’s salaries will rise by thirty percent. Your year-end bonuses will be
doubled, and your other benefits will be increased. You may now make your decision.”

Done speaking, she laid back against her chair, not saying more.

They looked at each other. It was hard to decide in such a short time.

If they left, they’d be reimbursed. But the conditions for staying back were tempting; if only the
company wouldn’t go bankrupt.

After a long while, someone raised their hand nervously. “I’d like to ask if you’re Dr. Walter, the one who

was trending on the Internet. Mr. Faust’s ex-wife, Gilbert’s sister, and Mr. Birkett’s mentee?”

The one who had popped the question was a young girl. She was frequently online, so she knew
everything that was happening.

Someone had dug out Jenny’s profile, but it was taken down quickly. However, as someone who was
chronically online, this young girl knew about it.

She just wasn’t sure if that person was standing right before her.

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