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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 241

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Chapter 241 Marigold Came to See Me

Jenny knew the passcode to Gilbert’s villa, so she went right in.

Zack and Gilbert were both there. They were surprised to see her, but then their expressions shifted.
Zack was happy. He walked toward Jenny and said, “Jenny, why are you here so late? Did you miss

Gilbert also went up to her, but he didn’t look as happy. In fact, he looked a little uneasy.

Jenny said nothing. Zack sensed that something was wrong, and he grew serious. “What’s wrong? Has
something happened?”

Jenny shook her head and said, “Zack, why don’t you sleep early tonight? I have something to say to


Zack seemed to have guessed what was going on, and his face turned sour. “Alright. Call me if
anything happens.” He turned and went upstairs, not forgetting to glare at Gilbert before he left.

Gilbert could only smile bitterly. Jenny’s reason for coming was crystal clear.

Zack disappeared quickly, leaving them both alone in the living room. The atmosphere grew tense at


They didn’t know how much time had passed before Gilbert said through gritted teeth, “Let’s sit. We
can’t talk standing like this.”

Jenny was still quiet. She sat, looking at the familiar face before her, and her heart ached. “Gilbert,” she
said calmly. “Marigold came to see me.”

Gilbert tightened his grip around the glass of water he was holding. As expected, she was here to talk
about this.

“Is what she said… true?” Jenny asked. If she didn’t clear things up, she wouldn’t be able to sleep

Gilbert held up the glass and drank a few mouthfuls. “What did she say?”

“She said…” Jenny looked at him, unable to speak. “She said that you like me. She’s spouting
nonsense, isn’t she, Gilbert?” Jenny was still holding on to a thread of hope. She hoped that Gilbert
would say that it was false. Jenny would believe him if so. However, she didn’t receive the answer she

Gilbert returned her gaze. Slowly, he said, “It’s true. I like you, Jenny. And it’s not just the type of feeling
that exists between siblings.” He wasn’t ready to deny it. Maybe this wasn’t as bad as he thought.
Maybe he’d be able to pursue her openly. Wasn’t that what he always wanted?

But Jenny’s face fell. She was visibly upset. “Gilbert, we’re siblings. We’re family. How could you….”

“Jenny, we’re not blood-related. Why can’t I have feelings for you?” He looked at Jenny, his tone
growing sharp.

Jenny rarely saw him like this. For whatever reason, she suddenly felt like she didn’t know him. It was
as if she was learning about him for the first time.

Her silence was making Gilbert uneasy. “Jenny, although I have feelings for you, I don’t want it to
bother you. That’s why I held it in for so many years. I didn’t want you to find out. If it weren’t for
Marigold, you would never have known. I would never tell. You can relax. So what if you know now? If
you’re upset about it, I’ll stay in my lane and just be your brother.” Although he wished that Jenny would

give him a chance, he knew very clearly that if Jenny were to accept him now, she would only be
making things worse.

Jenny was still upset after hearing Gilbert’s words. Was he really still her brother? Could everything be
just like how they were before?

She knew the answers very quickly. Things would never be the same again. She could never be able to
call him her brother anymore…

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