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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 248

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Chapter 248 Who Else Would it Be

Dream Vonne Designs had its name officially changed to La Vie Jen Rose. Jenny had considered the
name for one whole night before finally landing on one that sounded good. She kind of understood why
Yvonne would name it Dream Vonne now. It turned out that naming things was not an easy feat.

The name was changed, and because of Jade, the company was soon in full motion. Right now, what
Jenny needed to do was to create stunning designs that would help spread the name of La Vie Jen

Jenny didn’t need to go to the hospital on the weekends. She stayed at home, keeping herself busy.
Placed before her was a pile of paper that she had drawn on throughout the night. If Jade were around,
she’d say something about Jenny surpassing her, but Jenny didn’t feel that way.

She held up a sheet of paper from the table. It wasn’t what she wanted. But what should La Vie Jen
Rose’s style be?

In the middle of her fog, the doorbell rang. Jenny sensed that it was Alec and opened the door. She


“You don’t seem surprised.” Alec was bringing in breakfast. Jenny’s eyes gave her away.

She walked into the living room, saying, “Who else would it be at this hour?” Ever since Alec said he
would move in, Jenny had prepared herself for constant visits. She was turning out to be right.

“Are you designing?” Alec asked, looking at the designs on her table

She nodded and picked up her pen, preparing to draw.

“You should have something to eat before doing that,” Alec interrupted her. “I know you’re a workaholic,
but breakfast shouldn’t slow you down.”

“Alright.” Jenny didn’t decline. Before his arrival, she hadn’t felt hungry. But her stomach began
growling when he brought the food into her home, so she went over to eat.

Alec walked toward the pile of paper. “Can I take a look at them?”

“Sure.” It wasn’t a secret to her. Besides, Alec had brought her breakfast. Jenny felt that she couldn’t


With her permission, Alec held up the designs on the table and looked at them seriously.

Jenny was intrigued to see him being so serious. “Do you know fashion design?”

“I learned about it before. Faust Group has a few designing companies under its belt, too,” Alec replied,
returning to her side.

She pursed her lips. She had nearly forgotten that this man controlled the almighty Faust Group and
that numerous companies were under their umbrella. It was expected that there would have a few
design. houses.

She remained silent, and Alec didn’t know what she was thinking. “The styles that you created are all
different. Why is that?”

“I haven’t decided on a theme yet. It concerns the target demographic of La Vie Jen Rose, so it’s hard,”
she shared her frustrations over breakfast.

Alec was quiet for a bit. “Well, since you’ve decided to do luxury fashion, you’d be marketing it toward
consumers who have lots of money to spend. These people tend to be on the mature side, so the

designs. would have to reflect their tastes.”

“You’re right. However…” she paused before continuing. “There are too many luxury brands that make
mature clothing. How could a new label compete with them? Plus, since I’m creating my own brand, I
want to create something that no one has ever created.”

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