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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 256

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Chapter 256 I Couldn’t Do It Anymore

Alec couldn’t be bothered with Gilbert. In the past, he considered Gilbert as a potential threat. However,
after the way Jenny reacted to her brother, he was completely at ease. However, since Jenny was
around, he couldn’t make his dislike of Gilbert too obvious. Hence, he poured Gilbert a glass of wine.
“Would you like a drink?”

“Yeah.” Gilbert didn’t think that Alec could hold alcohol better than him.

The three men downed their glasses while Jenny ate her food. Jenny thought how cozy the moment
would’ve been if Gilbert hadn’t done what he did. The three men continued drinking, till the point that
they were becoming a little tipsy.

Seeing that, she was a little worried. “Stop drinking and have some food,” she said, feeling helpless at
the sight of them downing glass after glass. However, they insisted on drinking. One might even think
that they were in a drinking competition. Jenny then ignored them and headed to the sofa to sketch her

An hour later, Alec and Zack blacked out from drinking. Gilbert, on the other hand, was still awake.
“Jenny, *he called, getting up and approaching her.

“Gilbert?” Jenny noticed that Zack and Alec were sprawled on the table. “Why did you drink so much?”

“Jenny,” Gilbert called her again, which brought Jenny an ominous feeling.

She turned around and met Gilbert’s gaze. As she had expected, Gilbert was not looking at her the way
a brother would. However, it was a deep, tantalizing gaze that begged for love.

Jenny wasn’t moved. Instead, she felt a chill. “You’re drunk. Go and sleep in the room.” She had two
guest rooms in her apartment, so both Gilbert and Zack could stay over.

Instead of leaving, Gilbert approached Jenny, asking, “Jenny, do you hate me that much?”

“I don’t hate you.” Jenny shook her head.

“Then why can’t you give me a chance? I can do everything Alec can do, and I can even do it better
than him.” Perhaps because he was drunk, Gilbert didn’t stop himself from speaking his mind.

Jenny frowned in response, displeased. “But you’re my brother.”

“I don’t want to be your big brother. At least I don’t want to be your brother for the rest of my life.”
Staring at her, Gilbert couldn’t hold himself back anymore. “Jenny, I like you. I have liked you since the
first time I saw you. You don’t know how difficult it was for me to hide my feelings all these years.”

Jenny stood there, frozen. “Since you hid your feelings for so many years, why didn’t you continue to
hide them? Why do you want me to know?” She wished she had never found out about his feelings, as
he stopped being her elder brother the moment it happened.

“I wanted to hide them for the rest of my life, but I couldn’t do it anymore,” Gilbert said with a wry smile.”
You don’t know how it pained me to see you and Alec getting closer. He hurt you so much, yet you still
want to get close to him. How could I bear to watch? I wondered why couldn’t you accept me when you
could accept him. Unlike him, I never hurt you.” He just wanted a chance to pursue Jenny openly.
Unfortunately, Jenny refused to give him the opportunity.

“Aren’t you hurting me right now?” Jenny asked, her eyes tearing up as she looked at him. Wasn’t he
hurting her by destroying the siblingship they had shared for so many years? In Jenny’s opinion, Gilbert
had hurt her a hundred times more than Alec ever did.

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