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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 267

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Chapter 267 You Don’t Get It

“I’m leaving tomorrow. I have made arrangements for company matters,” Gilbert answered with a smile.
She frowned. “Tomorrow? Why the rush?”

“I’ve been planning for this for a long time,” he said. “Don’t worry. I just think that the company’s
business overseas is underperforming. I’ll take this chance to develop the business abroad and expand
the company.”

“Oh,” she responded, but she didn’t believe a word from him.

“When I’m not around, ask Zack for help if you need anything. He’s capable of helping you out now,”
Gilbert reminded her, as he still felt worried about leaving her alone.

She nodded sorrowfully. “Gilbert, if you worry about me that much, you should’ve stayed. I was
counting on you to protect me.”

He merely smiled at her, and that was enough said. How could he not go abroad? He’d never let go of
Jenny if he stayed in Parrington.

She pursed her lips and said nothing more because Gilbert seemed to have arrived at a final decision.
Unsure of how to face him before his departure, she said, “I won’t see you off tomorrow because I have
surgery to perform.”

He was taken aback but didn’t insist. “Okay. Your work is more important. I’m not a three-year-old-I
don’t need a send-off.”

After that, Jenny didn’t stay long at Gilbert’s villa. For every minute she was there, she experienced
more pain in her heart.

When Jenny left, Zack grumbled to Gilbert, “You wanted her to see you off. Why didn’t you tell her?”

“I know she’s upset.” Gilbert couldn’t bear to see her upset.

Zack shook his head and sighed. “I wonder how the three of us ended up like this.”

“It’s all my fault.” Gilbert flashed a bitter smile at him. Had he been better at holding back his feelings,
all of these would not have happened.

Zack wanted to say it wasn’t his fault, but he decided to keep quiet instead. He thought, “Oh well, let’s
give everyone some time.”

Jenny took leave from work the next day. She woke up early and clutched her phone. Zack texted her
Gilbert’s flight information, but he didn’t urge her to see him off. Still, Zack made his intention clear by
sharing the information, and he would let Jenny decide whether to send Gilbert off.

It was two hours to Gilbert’s departure. She assumed he was on his way to the airport, but she hadn’t
decided whether to meet him there.

Her doorbell rang while she was debating on the topic. She didn’t even need to guess the identity of the
guest. She opened the door and found Alec standing there, which wasn’t surprising at all.

“I bought breakfast. You want to have some?” While speaking, he entered her apartment with breakfast
in hand. He could tell that Gilbert’s departure sent her into a bad mood. Over the past few days, Gilbert
made a lot of arrangements in the company. As a result, many learned that he was planning to leave

It was good news for Alec. He thought it was best for Gilbert to take some time off. More importantly, he
liked that Gilbert wouldn’t be showing up to interrupt his relationship with Jenny. It was a selfish thought

that he would never reveal to her.

“You go ahead. I don’t feel like eating.” She went back to the couch and curled up in a corner.

He walked up and pulled her from the couch. “Sure, Gilbert’s leaving. But it’s not that serious of an

“You don’t get it.” She dismissed him.

“Okay. Look, I don’t fully understand your bond with your siblings. But from what I understand, Gilbert’s
only taking a short leave. He’s not gone forever. Why would you make it look like a life-or-death
matter?” Alec had to sound harsher to wake her up. He added, “When Gilbert’s back, you will still be
brother and sister. Isn’t that great?”

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