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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 263

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Chapter 263 The Cause of Death

Seeing Zack’s reaction, Gilbert knew he hadn’t realized his mistake at all. After a moment, he said,
“You better tell Jenny about it. She’s probably confused by the news of Jonathan’s death.”

“Wait, are you asking me to tell her I caused his death?” Jenny would rip him to shreds if he did that.

Gilbert stared at him and replied, “Didn’t you?”

Zack fell silent. All he wanted was to express his anger on Jenny’s behalf. He didn’t attack Jonathan
physically, all he did was mock and ridiculed him. Just like that, he became a murderer?

Nonetheless, he heeded his brother’s advice in the end. He called Jenny and confessed that he had
met Jonathan in prison. Jenny was still in Alec’s car when she received Zack’s phone call. Hearing his
story, she had mixed emotions.

“What’s the matter?” Alec asked after the call ended, sensing that her expression wasn’t quite right.

Jenny didn’t try to hide it from him. “I found the reason behind Jonathan’s suicide.”

Alec was puzzled. How did she find out so fast?

“Zack went to see him in prison yesterday and said nasty things to him. I guess his conscience couldn’t
bear it, so he chose to commit suicide,” Jenny said. She didn’t blame Zack as she knew he was angry
at Jonathan because of her. Although she thought it was pointless, Zack wasn’t at fault for doing so.

Alec was a little surprised. “Conscience? Does he even have a conscience?” If he had a conscience,
he wouldn’t have committed murder.

“Actually, when I met him the first time, I didn’t think he was evil, which was why I kept tabs on him.”
From Jonathan’s martial arts skills, Jenny guessed that his teacher was powerful and could possibly be
someone she knew.

That was why she didn’t make things difficult for him, as she felt he received a fitting sentence. In fact,
she wanted to give him a chance to turn his life around. She didn’t expect he would die so soon.

Little did Jenny know Zack’s words were not the sole reason for Jonathan’s death. He had thought of
suicide ever since he killed Steven and framed Jenny. Zack’s words were the last straw that broke the
camel’s back. Perhaps they convinced Jonathan that he had to atone for his sins through his death. His
guilt only worsened when he discovered that Jenny, not Yvonne, paid for his sister’s operation.

“Don’t be sad. You have done your best.” Alec was afraid that she would be sad, so he comforted her.

Jenny smiled and said to him, “I’m not as emotional as you think. I just feel sorry for Jonathan’s death.
I’m not sad.”

“Yes, yes, I know you’re strong.” Alec couldn’t help laughing, feeling that Jenny never wanted anyone
to see her vulnerable side.

Jenny turned her attention to her phone, sending a message to Zack and instructing him to monitor
Jonathan’s younger sister’s operation. Hopefully, the operation would be a success.

Soon, they arrived at their destination. When Jenny looked out the window, she realized that Alec had
brought her to a restaurant. Surprised, she said, “I thought we were going home to cook again.”

“It’s tiring to cook every day.” Alec sighed deeply. Cooking every day was starting to take a toll on him.

Jenny laughed out loud in glee. “Who was it that said he would do it for the rest of his life? It’s only
been a few days.”

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