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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 276

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Chapter 276 Shut Up

“Someone’s in here!” a pedestrian yelled. Jenny looked across and noticed that Marigold was stuck in
the car. Upon closer inspection, she realized Marigold had lost consciousness from the huge impact of
the collision, just like Alec.

“Please help me pull her out,” Jenny told the crowd around her. Even though she had been Marigold’s
target not long ago, she couldn’t possibly leave Marigold’s life in danger.

Marigold was sent to the emergency room after Alec. At the same time, Jenny changed into her scrub
and dived right into saving lives. Meanwhile, Alec’s operation wrapped up successfully. Since he only
suffered from a temporary concussion, the doctor didn’t expect any complications. In contrast, Marigold
seemed to be in a worse condition. As the best neurosurgeon in Parrington, Jenny had to jump in to

Alec woke up at the same time as Jenny completed her operation on Marigold. His first instinct was to
search for Jenny, and he panicked when he failed to find her. “Where’s Jenny?” He gave Vincent a


“Don’t worry, Mr. Faust. Miss Walter’s fine. She’s in the emergency room,” Vincent answered, feeling
secretly proud of Alec, who had risked his life for Jenny. Without much thinking, Alec misunderstood
the meaning behind Vincent’s words and jumped out of bed in grave concern, worried that Jenny was
being operated on.

“Emergency room? Is she hurt?” Then, he headed out of the room. Just as he was about to turn the
knob, Jenny pushed the door open and walked in.

She was taken aback when she found him standing there. “Why are you up? Didn’t the doctor tell you
to rest for the time being?” Although he had only suffered some concussion and external injuries, he
still needed to recuperate.

He didn’t answer. Only when he confirmed that Jenny was safe that he feel relieved.

“I told him you were in the emergency room, and he instantly thought you were operated on. He didn’t
know that you were operating on others.” Vincent burst out laughing, thinking Alec could be quite funny
at times. However, Alec quickly rolled his eyes at Vincent. “Oh, shut up!”


“Get out!”

Vincent had wanted to explain himself but wasn’t given a chance. Alec waved at him, signaling him to
disappear from the room. Jenny and Alec watched as Vincent sensibly left the room.

After Vincent was gone, Alec finally gave Jenny an embarrassed look. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” She shook her head and stared at him with conflicted feelings. Before getting into the
accident, she told Stephanie that she wasn’t into Alec and had no feelings for him. But…

She found out that she was worried about Alec’s safety. The moment she saw him risking his life and
driving into Marigold’s car, even her frozen heart started throbbing.

The two stood there without speaking. Silence hung heavily in the air for a few minutes until she
noticed that he was getting wobbly. She quickly held him. “Go back to your bed. Don’t do strenuous
exercises for at least a few days. It’s best that you rest in bed.”

“Sure. I’ll listen to you.” He went back to bed with her help with a jubilant expression. Clueless, she
thought him weird for looking so cheerful and excited despite his injuries.

“Weren’t you on your way to the Faust Group office? Why did you drive past the hospital?” she asked

she wondered about the reason behind his timely appearance.

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