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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 282

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Chapter 282 Jenny Walter, You’d Better Not Cross a Line!

“Don’t you worry. I didn’t get to where I am today because of Alec’s help.” Jenny shrugged without a
care in the world. Paul was known to be merciless, but Jenny was confident that she wouldn’t lose to
him even without Alec’s help.

Seeing that Jenny was adamant, Paul turned to Alec for help. “Don’t you have shares in that factory
too? Are we going to give it to her for free?”

“I don’t care.” Alec shrugged. Paul was about to follow suit and said he didn’t care either, but Alec
added, ” You have to compensate me for my loss in your factory anyway because it’s your family’s

Jenny almost burst out laughing as she didn’t expect Alec to be such a sly bastard.

“What if I refuse to give it to her?” Paul clenched his teeth, lamenting his bad karma for having a friend
like Alec.

“If you refuse, I’ll have no choice but to help Jenny to the best of my ability and send Marigold to jail. It
doesn’t affect me anyway.” Alec grinned widely, oblivious to Paul’s rage.

Marigold, who had been feigning sleep in bed, suddenly opened her eyes and appeared crushed.
“Alec, how could you do that?” Even though they weren’t close in real life, she treated him with respect,
like a big brother. Why was he so heartless?

“You messed with the wrong person. It’s only fair that you pay the price.” Alec shot her an icy look. He
had been good to her, considering she was Paul’s little sister. After the incident, Marigold had Paul to
thank for being her brother, or Alec would’ve taken action against her even before Jenny made her

“How dare she drive into Jenny? Does she think I am a pushover?” Alec seethed silently. Marigold
gritted her teeth and cast her eyes downward. She dared not speak as she waited for Paul’s final
decision. No matter which choice he made, she understood that she had no right to protest.

In a foul mood, Paul took a deep breath to keep his anger in check. “Okay. The factory’s yours.”

Jenny beamed. “I have another request.”

“Jenny Walter, you’d better not cross a line!”

“I want you to stay away from Steph and her family.” Jenny stared at him with a grave look, her smile
nowhere to be seen.

Paul’s expression soured, and he looked much more somber than before. “Do you think you’re that
invincible, Jenny Walter?”

“Not really, but Stephanie’s my friend. And I will do anything for a friend.” She met his gaze head-on.
The tension in the air, which had dissolved earlier, returned with a vengeance.

Paul looked at her and finally broke into a laugh. “Looks like the deal is off the table. Fine, send
Marigold to jail. I’ll not be involved in this matter anymore.” He was willing to part with some assets to
guarantee her safety, but nothing could make him give up on Stephanie.

Jenny was taken aback by his determination. Instead of regretting the failed deal, she was utterly
shocked when she learned that Paul had no plans to let go of Stephanie at all.

“Jenny, it’s fine.” Stephanie stepped in, hoping that Jenny wouldn’t get into further problems with Paul
because of her. Although Paul and Jenny were already on bad terms, he wouldn’t harm her because of
Alec. Still, the consequences might be dire once Jenny was on his bad side. Stephanie was worried by

Paul’s dogged pursuit, but she didn’t want Jenny to get involved. “He won’t do anything to me. Don’t

“Steph…” Jenny looked concerned.

“It’s no use. He won’t make that promise. Even if he promises you, there’s no way you can guarantee
that he keeps his word.” Paul was a man who dealt with both the authorities and the underworld;
breaking a promise was second nature to him.

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