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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 288

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Chapter 288 You’re a Childish Old Man

Alec abruptly opened the door and cut Old Mr. Faust off. Upset, he stared at his grandpa. “Why are you
still here chatting instead of going home?”

“You rascal! I’m doing this all for you!” Old Mr. Faust was frustrated at Alec’s insensibility.

Alec shot a look at Warren and ordered, “Send Grandpa home. He shouldn’t be lingering around.”

“You little punk!” Old Mr. Faust raised his stick at Alec, and Jenny hurried over to protect Alec when the

stick was about to hit him.

“Grandpa! He still hasn’t recovered from his injuries!”

In the end, Old Mr. Faust didn’t beat Alec up because he had never intended to do so, apart from the
fact that Jenny was standing between them. Smiling, he winked at Alec. “I’ll let this slip for Jenny’s

Speechless, Alec thought, “You’re such a childish old man.”

After the old man left, Jenny and Alec returned to his room. She opened the thermal food container and

said, “Time to eat.”

“Mmm. Did you make this?” he asked without thinking, but her silence suggested otherwise. The dishes
that she laid out were too complicated for her. He coughed in embarrassment. “I count myself lucky to
enjoy your food delivery. It doesn’t matter whether the meal is homemade.”

She chuckled wryly, dismissing his opinion of her. Her lack of culinary skills was a known fact anyway.

While digging in, he was bothered by her silence and said, “Don’t take Grandpa’s words to heart. My
feeling for you is a matter between you and me; no one else has a say. Just ignore them.” He hoped
she would agree to date him out of pure affection instead of indebtedness.

“Don’t worry. I’m not the type to bend under moral blackmail.” Although she felt bad after hearing Old
Mr. Faust’s words, she would never agree to a relationship with Alec under coercion. If she said yes
one day, it would be out of her free will.

He nodded in satisfaction. “That’s good to hear.”

Alec finished up his meal while Jenny sat without a word. Silence hung in the air between them. When
he was done, he asked casually, “Have you looked into Marigold’s car? Did someone tamper with it?”

“I looked into it. Someone tampered with the brakes.”

“And who was behind it?”

“Yvonne Dickman.” Jenny gave him an amused look. “Yvonne deliberately contacted Marigold and fed
her ideas. Marigold probably hadn’t expected Yvonne would modify her brakes. As long as Yvonne
could get me killed, she wouldn’t give a damn about Marigold’s safety.”

His expression sank. “She’s still coming up with wicked tricks after marrying into the Blooms. Hasn’t
she learned anything from what happened to the Dickmans?”

“She’s not the type to learn her lesson.” Jenny wasn’t surprised by Yvonne’s moves. She knew how to
read other women and was sure that Yvonne wouldn’t give up any time soon. If she failed this time, she
would keep trying until one of them was dead.

“What’s your plan now?” Alec asked. He assumed she had an idea judging from her expression.

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