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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 289

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Chapter 289 He’s Acting Strange

Jenny dodged his question and asked instead, “Aren’t you going to speak up for her?”

“I gave her one last chance when she framed you for the murder.” Alec looked frigid. “Even if you don’t
do anything against her this time, I will not let this slip.”

Somehow, her heart fluttered with joy when she heard his promise. She said, “We’ll need to go against
the Blooms to deal with her.” She had a rough idea of what to do but had not found a loophole yet.

“The Blooms…” Alec muttered, “They’re definitely not an easy target. Remember, they’re old money in
Parrington with hundreds of years of history and lots of connections. It will be complicated.”

Even Alec dared not guarantee that he could ostracize the Blooms in Parrington. However, in the event
that he wanted to make a move, he’d have to get rid of the Blooms once and for all. Else, he would be
planting a ticking time bomb for the future.

“That’s why I’m still thinking hard.” Jenny had no bad blood with the Blooms, and her actions were
driven solely by the grudge between her and Yvonne.

Seeing how troubled she looked, he suggested, “We can go against them openly if there’s no better
idea. I don’t think that the Fausts need to fear them. And the Blooms might not want to turn against us
just for Yvonne’s sake.”

She knew he was spitting facts, but she had other ideas. She explained, “I don’t think the Fausts and
the Blooms have to go to war. The clash between two powerful families will only cause collateral
damage. That would be unnecessary.” She was adamant about not having the two families fight
against each other out of her petty grudge against Yvonne.


“Don’t worry. I’ll figure out a way.” Jenny believed that the Blooms were not invincible. Once she found
their Achilles’ heel, she would hit the bullseye. Her goal was to leave Yvonne defenseless, not bankrupt
the Blooms.

Alec wanted to help and provide suggestions, but Jenny was dead set on solving the matter on her
own. She reminded him to have a good rest and left the room.

After she left, he made a call instead of resting. “Keep tabs on any developments within the Blooms.”

At the Spades Manor in Bardoff City, Harvey Spade ended a call with a serious look on his face. At the
same time, Christopher knocked on the door and entered the study. He looked at the old man sitting at
the desk. “Grandpa, are you looking for me?”

“Christopher, there’s nothing much going on in the company. Why don’t you go out and have some
fun?” Harvey put on a smiling face in place of his gloomy expression.

Christopher was surprised by the suggestion, for his grandfather had always wanted him to work hard.
He’s asking why I’m not having fun. How strange. That’s very unlike him,” he thought.

Harvey had no idea what his grandson was thinking as he kept smiling. “Do you still remember Jenny
Walter from Parrington?”

“Of course. She’s an interesting lady. Didn’t you ask me to go after her?” Jenny had left a deep
impression on Christopher.

“We’ve been back to Bardoff for a while. Haven’t you contacted her lately?” Harvey prodded.


Christopher shook his head. “We’re not exactly on friendly terms. Sure, we call each other friends, but I
can tell that she doesn’t see me as one.” He was smart enough to notice Jenny’s lack of interest in him.
As a self-respecting heir of the Spade Family, he wouldn’t lower himself and pester her.

“The past doesn’t matter as long as you befriend each other in the future,” Harvey advised him.
Christopher frowned and wondered what he meant. Harvey added, “Since there’s not much work lately,
why don’t you take a few days off and visit Parrington? Invite Jenny along when you head home. Just
tell her that you’ll give her a tour of Bardoff.”

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