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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 291

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Chapter 291 Worried About Him Adapting

A week later, Alec was finally discharged.

He looked at the woman beside him in the car. “Have you checked the file I sent you yesterday-the one
on the adoptive family?”

Jenny nodded and handed him a tablet. “I dug deeper into their background based on your information.
For now, the couple seems nice and checks my boxes.”

Alec had found an adoptive family in Parrington for Justin and Lillian. The family was not wealthy by his
standards, but they were upper middle class and got by comfortably. Raising two kids should be easy
for them. Most importantly, the couple was loving but couldn’t have children, and thus they were
searching for kids to adopt. Jenny believed that Justin and Lilian would be treated well in that family.

“Let’s seal the deal then. Should we set up a time and get the kids to meet with the couple?” Alec

“Sure.” Jenny wanted to get it settled as soon as possible too. “I’ll need to pick the kids up at Orchid

“Can I go with you?” Alec was curious about the village Jenny had grown up in.

She tilted her head as though she could read his mind. “Are you sure? That village is nothing like
Parrington. I’m worried that you might struggle to adapt to life there. Regardless of how well-built the
infrastructure was at Orchid Village, it would pose a challenge for a man like Alec, who had lived his
whole life in the city.

“You underestimated my ability.” He chuckled, wondering if he appeared weak in her eyes.

“Oh, okay. If you want to go, let’s go together tomorrow.” She didn’t say much since she also wished for
Alec to visit her hometown. The villagers were like her relatives, and it was about time she paid them a


He was happy to get her green light. In his head, her lack of objection suggested she approved of him.
After all, the visit would mean a lot, as it was her hometown.

Alec parked the car at Perry Residence and got out with Jenny. Not long after, a man jumped out and
stopped them in their tracks. Jenny was caught off guard, and before she knew it, Alec had stood in
front. of her, protecting her. She had to admit his swift action made her heart flutter. Staring at his back,
she surprisingly found herself enjoying being around him.

“Who are you?” He stared warily at the unkempt middle-aged man and was ready to fight.

The man ignored him and glared at Jenny instead. “Are you the one who asked Joey to go back to

Jenny frowned when she realized who the man was, but he appeared very different, with stubble
around his chin, compared to when she saw him at the hospital.

She collected herself and said, “I’m acting in his best interest. How could you actively stop him from
returning to school when you, as his father, refused to pay for his studies?”

“And who are you to ask him to study? Now he’s in school, so who’s going to work and get me money
for booze? The alcoholic father was unbelievably unremorseful, and his attitude came as a shock to
Jenny She never expected gratitude from Miller Little, but she always thought he would at least be glad
about Joey going back to school. It appeared that she was wrong.

“If you want him back in school, no one will make money and pay for my drinks. You should be paying
up in his place.” Miller extended his hand, signaling her to pay with a cocky attitude that asked for a


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