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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 293

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Chapter 293 Whatever

The following morning was Jenny and Alec’s trip to Orchid Village. Before they left, she gawked at the
trunk of the car, filled to the brim with all sorts of gifts. “We’re bringing the kids to Parrington. This is not
a holiday visit.”

“The two can go hand-in-hand.” He beamed and added, “We’re meeting relatives who had watched
over you as you grew up. I can’t visit them empty-handed.”

“Why can’t you? It’s not like you’re my boyfriend or anything,” she fired back. People might mistake
Alec for her lover at this rate.

“Well, maybe not now, but we’ll be in a relationship in the future. I want to leave a good impression
early on. Don’t you agree?” He didn’t wish to face any objections from her family and friends in the long
run. Even if her relatives were easygoing, he didn’t want to put Jenny in a difficult place. Therefore, he
wanted to do his best.

She was a little dumbfounded at his seriousness. Finally, she muttered, “Whatever.”

The car moved slowly on the road. Orchid Village was a long drive from Parrington, and the trip would
take at least four hours. They left early in the morning and finally arrived at the village at noon. As they
had notified Jenny’s relatives, they were immediately greeted by her second uncle, David Wilkins, at
the entrance to the family home.

“Jenny! You’re finally here. I waited for a long time.” David went up to greet her, but he was surprised
and confused by Alec’s presence. Jenny never told anyone that she would bring a guest. “Um, who is

She glanced at Alec and introduced him, “This is Alec Faust. He’s tagging along. Don’t worry about
him. Alec, this is my Uncle David.”

Alec went up and shook David’s hand with a wide smile. “Hello, Uncle David. Just call me Alec.”

“Oh, hello!” David was puzzled by Jenny’s relationship with the guest but didn’t press further. He led
them into the house, but the children were nowhere to be seen in the living room. They went fishing at
the village entrance,” David explained. “They’re having so much fun here.”

“Thanks, Uncle David,” Jenny said. David had always taken care of her when she was a kid, and she
still needed his help as an adult.

David waved at her coolly. “We’re family. You don’t have to thank me. Take a seat, and let’s have
lunch.” He gestured at them to sit.

Right when they sat down, someone showed up at the door.

“Aunt Hannah!” Jenny greeted one of the women. She said to the other, “Felicity! When did you come

“This is my family home. I can come home any time I want. Do I need to inform you first?” Felicity
glared at Jenny without attempting to mask her dislike for her cousin.

Jenny only smiled and didn’t take it personally. Felicity had never liked her much since they were kids.
When her grandfather was still around, she’d argue with Felicity, and since she rarely visited the village
nowadays, there was no need to stay in contact with her cousin.

Felicity was about to mock Jenny when she noticed Alec at the dining table, and her expression shifted.
Who’s he?”

“He’s a friend of Jenny,” David introduced Alec coldly. Then, he hissed at Felicity, “Why are you still
standing? Come sit down for lunch. Do I have to roll out the red carpet for you now?” He was helpless

when it came to his useless daughter.

Felicity sat right beside Alec. “Hi, I’m Felicity Wilkins. Just call me Felicity.”

Alec nodded at her. He put on his best behavior around Felicity, given that she was Jenny’s cousin.

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