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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 300

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Chapter 300 Cut Off Your Tongue

Instantly, the temperature seemed to drop as Alec shot Felicity a warning look. “If I hear you say
anything bad about Jenny again, I’ll cut off your tongue.” After making a cutting gesture, he returned to
his room, leaving a stunned Felicity standing alone in the courtyard.

Due to the poor soundproofing of the wooden door, Jenny overheard their conversation. It was honey
to her ears, and suddenly the moon seemed to shine brighter. That night, Jenny tossed and turned in
bed, trying hard not to think about Alec.

When she woke up the next day, Alec was already waiting for her in the courtyard. “Did you sleep

Sporting dark circles under her eyes, Jenny glared at him in response. It left Alec wondering what
wrong he had done. Little did he know, Jenny couldn’t fall asleep because of him. When she finally fell
asleep, he even appeared in her dreams. Hence, she didn’t sleep well.

Jenny was ready to leave after breakfast. After all, she still had a lot of work to do in Parrington, and
she couldn’t take too many leaves from her hospital duties. Although she was in a hurry, she still went
to look for her martial arts teacher.

“I met a very skilled fighter in Parrington,” she informed her teacher. “And I was no match for him.”


was surprised by that. “You met someone more powerful than you In a small city like Parrington?”

Jenny didn’t tell him that Jonathan wasn’t the only one; there were quite a few. Alec, who had come to
Orchid Village with her, was one of them.

Her teacher stroked his beard as he thought to himself. Finally, he said, “I can only think of a few guys
who are capable of teaching their students to be better than mine, and they’re all extremely protective
people. You didn’t run into any trouble with them, did you?”

Jenny awkwardly replied, “Well, he…committed suicide.” As he didn’t seem to understand the
implication of that incident, Jenny explained the whole situation to him. When she was done, her
teacher’s expression was solemn.

“Things are quite complicated,” he said. Jenny nodded, agreeing with him. However, he soon smiled at
her, saying, “Don’t worry, I’m here. If his teacher comes seeking revenge, I’ll be there to deal with him.”

“I’m not worried. I just don’t want to trouble you.” She knew he was very protective of her, and Jenny
didn’t. want that to trouble him.

“Well, if you didn’t cause trouble, wouldn’t I have no place to put my skills to good use?” he retorted,
clearly not taking her seriously.

After a few more exchanges, Jenny bid him goodbye and left Orchid Village with Alec and the rest. On
the way back to Parrington, Alec drove, and Jenny rode shotgun while Felicity and the two children sat
in the backseat.

“Jenny, I don’t have a place to live in Parrington, so am I going to live with you for the time being?”
Felicity asked.

Jenny nodded. Since she was bringing Felicity to Parrington, she couldn’t just throw her to the streets.
If something happened to Felicity, David would be sad.

Felicity was secretly happy; as long as she lived with Jenny, she’d definitely meet Alec often. And as
long as they met, she’d always have a chance.

“Alec, this is my first time in Parrington, and I’m not familiar with the city. Can you show me around
tomorrow?” she asked Alec sweetly, acting coy.

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