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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 311

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Chapter 311 He’s in Pain Too

It was yet another busy day in the hospital. Jenny had two surgeries scheduled in the morning; when
lunchtime came around, she was exhausted. She had just sat down in her office when Zack called.

“Hey, Zack,” she answered. “Have you found it?”

“Yes. I’ve already forwarded Simone Bloom’s schedule to your inbox,” Zack said. Although he had no
idea what Jenny wanted it for, he didn’t ask.

“Alright. Thanks, Zack, Jenny said. It was great having someone help her out. At least she wouldn’t
have so much on her plate. She couldn’t help thinking about Gilbert. She hesitated for a moment before
asking, “Have you heard from Gilbert lately?”

“Yes,” he said, then asked, “Hasn’t he contacted you?”

Jenny smiled bitterly. There was an ache in her heart. “He’s never contacted me since the day he left.”

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to contact him; she just didn’t have the guts to call. She feared that she’d
be influencing Gilbert if she called, so she had to keep her distance until he finally thought. things

Zack was quiet on the other end. He was no longer the naive Zack from before. “Don’t blame him,
Jenny. He’s probably in pain too.” He knew how much Gilbert cared for Jenny. It must have been
torture keeping his distance, afraid a single phone call would unleash the unthinkable.

Jenny’s eyes felt prickly. How could she blame Gilbert? She was just upset. “I’m not blaming him. I’m
just worried about his overall being in a foreign country.”

“Don’t worry. Gilbert is much stronger than us. He’s doing well overseas. The company’s branch has
been established. Everything is going according to plan.” Gilbert had said nothing to Jenny, but he had
contacted Zack. It was why he knew so much.

Jenny relaxed. “That’s great.”

“Relax. He’ll be back soon,” Zack said.

The call ended, and Jenny took a deep breath, clearing her thoughts. She opened her inbox and saw
the schedule that Zack had sent.

Simone Bloom was Sam Bloom’s sister. Not many people knew about her.

Jenny didn’t head home after work. She went to the gym that Simone frequented.

Zack’s information told her that Simone would come to this gym every day after work without fail. From
this information alone, Jenny felt she was a persistent and patient woman. Would someone like this
truly be pure and innocent? Jenny wouldn’t believe it.

When she got there, she spotted Simone at once, who was already at the start of her routine. She
wasn’t in a hurry and observed Simone from a distance.

“Do you have a membership, miss?” A personal trainer went up to her.

Jenny looked at him. After thinking for a while, she said, “No, but I have something I’d like to ask you.”
While speaking, she took a wad of cash from her bag and handed it to him.

He smiled and pocketed it. “What is it? I’ll tell you everything I know.”

“That woman over there comes here often. Do you know if she has any close friends here?” Jenny
knew she had to understand Simone thoroughly to avoid being at a disadvantage.

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