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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 319

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Chapter 319 Control Your Woman

Paul’s face was stone cold. He exuded disgust. “This is between Stephanie and me. Don’t interfere!”

“Between Stephanie and you? What’s there to say?” Jenny retorted. Then, she sneered. “Stephanie
has already told you that she doesn’t like you. Why are you still harassing her?”

“Control your woman, Alec Faust. Don’t blame me for being crass if you don’t!” He glared at Alec while
suppressing his anger.

Alec knew that Paul was angry, but he wasn’t planning on taking Jenny away. “Don’t go overboard.
You’ll just push her away like this.” In his eyes, if Paul truly liked Stephanie, he had to pursue her
sincerely. What was the point of all this?

“You’re choosing hoes over bros now?” Paul scoffed, feeling a twinge of disbelief.

Alec said nothing, but his actions said it all. He would stand on Jenny’s side.

Paul retracted his gaze and looked at Stephanie once more. “You will regret your decision.” Then, he
turned and left. This time, he was truly incensed.

Jenny waited for him to completely disappear before turning toward Stephanie. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Stephanie shook her head, but her spirits remained low. “He’s not going to let the Walkers
go, is he?”

“Don’t worry. You have me.” Jenny looked in the direction that Paul had gone, her face grim. If Paul
were to really lay a hand on Stephanie, she would never let him go.

Alec smiled exasperatedly. “I’ll talk to him after this. He’s not as evil as you think, really.”

Jenny looked at him. Wasn’t he already evil enough?

“It’s complicated in the Wagner family. He’s actually protecting Stephanie by not revealing who she is.”
Alec was trying to speak on Paul’s behalf.

No one believed him. Stephanie scoffed. “Protecting me? Do I need his protection? Besides, you know
that he won’t marry me. Why should I waste my time on him?” Although a relationship didn’t
necessarily have to end in marriage, people like Paul would never marry her. What was the point of that
relationship? It would just be a waste of everyone’s time.

Alec couldn’t disagree with her. It would definitely be a struggle for Paul to be able to marry Stephanie.
It wasn’t because Paul didn’t want to. He just had no choice.

“Oh, let’s not talk about all this yet. Let’s get a place to sit.” Jenny saw how tired Stephanie was and
didn’t let them talk anymore.

Alec nodded and brought them to the living room, taking Stephanie to one of the guest rooms to sleep.

Once they had Stephanie settled, Jenny said to Alec, “Do you think it’s likely that Paul will the

Alec said nothing, but Jenny already knew the answer. Her face darkened. “He can’t give



“Are you crazy, Paul? I’ve stopped liking you for a long time now,” Stephanie yelled. She was furious.

Jenny frowned. “I’m going to watch this.”

“Alright.” Alec nodded and followed her, feeling a little regretful about their moment before. They only
needed one more second.

When Jenny arrived, Stephanie was wiping her lips furiously. Based on her repulsion, Jenny could
roughly piece together what had happened. She looked at Paul. If he weren’t Alec’s friend, she would
have smacked him.

“Do you know what this is, Paul? It’s sexual harassment,” she said, her gaze frosty.

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