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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 322

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Chapter 322 What Do You Think Was His Motive?

Christopher was angry. It was all too sudden for him to accept. He took a deep breath and tried hard
not to show it. “Think about it, Jenny. This man has hurt you before. Are you sure that you want to be
with him?”

“Save your breath. Jenny agreed to be my girlfriend just yesterday. You won’t stand a chance.” Alec cut
him off mercilessly.

Alec’s words drew a knife over Christopher’s heart, and he was about to burst.

Just yesterday?

He had originally planned to fly over yesterday, but because his friend had invited him for some drinks,
he had pushed it off until today. Regret washed over him. If he had known it earlier, he’d have come
yesterday. He might have been able to stop them from getting together. But now…

He wanted to say something else, but he swallowed his words when he saw the couple in their
honeymoon phase. It seemed he would have no chance of bringing the Spades to prominence. “Alright,
Alec. You’re a lucky man.” He pointed at Alec unwillingly. He was prepared to leave but stopped,
remembering his grandfather’s words. He began looking at Alec differently and event began to pity
Jenny. “Alec, I know what your motive is. Although we share it, I hope you’ll treat her well.” Christopher
left after saying that. It was not within his control whether Alec heard him or not. His last words left Alec
and Jenny bewildered. Motive? What motive could he possibly have? Alec was sweating. He looked at
Jenny, wanting to speak, but her gaze had already shifted. “Don’t listen to his nonsense, Jenny. My
only motive is for you to stay by my side forever.” Alec couldn’t help feeling bitter. Were the words from
Christopher enough to derail everything he had done?

Jenny retracted her gaze. She was just curious to know why Christopher and Alec would like her and
refuse to give up on her. Christopher could have his own motives, but what about Alec? Was he really
all that different from Christopher? But when she looked at Alec, who looked sincere and indignant, she
decided to believe him. “Why are you so nervous? Are you feeling guilty?”

“No.” Alec smiled bitterly.

“Alright. I didn’t mean anything. I was just curious. Jenny looked in the direction where Christopher had
left. “What do you think his motive is?”

“I’ll get someone to check that out.” Alec grew serious when she mentioned it. He didn’t want any
unknown variables around Jenny.

Jenny nodded. An investigation was needed. They stopped talking about Christopher, and she looked
at Alec. “Is the work at Faust Group finished?”

“Yeah. I delegated it to my workers. I don’t have to handle everything.” He used to manage everything
before, but now he wanted to be with Jenny a little bit more.

A trace of happiness bloomed in Jenny’s heart, but she didn’t let it show. “Don’t let our relationship
affect your work. What if Grandpa blames me for it?”

“Don’t worry. He won’t. You saw how happy he was when he learned we were together.” Alec

thought that his grandfather would sooner blame him than he would Jenny.

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